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    Big Mutha Truckers 2 Game Review:

        Big Mutha Truckers is a widely accepted big truck racing game developed by Empire Interactive. Now, players can finally try the sequel of this game Big Mutha Truckers 2.
        In this game, players will work for the BMT cargo transportation company owned by Mama Jackson. But their main objective is not to surpass their opponents. Each character in this game has specific different tasks with their own personality and equipment.
        But their main objective is still to transport cargo to the designated places. But on their journey, they will meet mercenaries, bad cops and road bandits and so on who try to stop them. Every time you hit any of them, your score will be deducted. So your ultimate objective is to manage to avoid all of the obstacles in your way and make higher salary.
        The number of city in this game is twice that of the original work. There are ten cities altogether. Besides, players can drive other vehicles except for the truck, including motorcycles and sports car.

        1. The main objective of players in this game is to transport cargoes. The whole game map is not very big. It takes only two minutes from the one side of the map to the opposite side. But the scenery is different. Players will travel from the coastal city to the big city, from the desert to the snow mountain, which is a miniature of a whole country. There is no repetition in this game. Players can go on their cargo transportation job day and night. The weather is also different between day and night, which is not very obvious though. Besides, you should note there are a lot of vehicles coming to you from the opposite direction on your journey, you should try to avoid each of them for the relative score reward.
        2. Different truck drivers prefer to different styles. I choose the MM and the pink truck with a doll head without hesitation. Next I start my long journey right away.
        My head was in a fog at first. So I just play this game as a racing game. That is to say, drive the truck from one place to another place within the given time. Do not worry though, there will be no trouble for you to control the truck. The truck shall not be overturned easily. But you should pay attention to the trailer behind, especially when it reaches to a turning. You need to slow down beforehand. Or the tailer will be detached from the truck.
        On your journey, you can get additional reward once you successfully wipe out other vehicles. There are also rewards for you if you get to your destination within the given time. But while the game progress, you will find out that the essence of this game lies in the trade. Players can buy some cargoes from one market and then transport them to another market fro selling. Different kinds of cargoes are available, including drinking water, bread, electric saw, laptop, luxury diamond, and illegal munitions and so on. But it depends on you to invent the most effective way to gain the maximum benefits.
        You can press the space bar to check the price. The same good might be priced differently at different places. With a little economic minds, players can make a fortune. Of course, the journey to the fortune is not trouble free. You will be chased by cops, or be hijacked by the bandits, even still you might run into a flying object.
        Players can accept tasks from different bars, including loans with high interests and gambling. Players can upgrade their beloved truck once they have enough money. At last, you should know that truck with higher standard is helpful to players to finish their tasks in an effective way.

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