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    Bus Driver Game Review:

        In this game, you will act as a bus driver and your job is to send passengers to the different places of this city. Players have to strictly abide by the schedule and the given route. Besides, players have to drive the bus carefully without breaking the traffic rules in order to make sure that no passenger will get hurt.
        Bus Driver FREE is a fun filled arcade type game that tests your timing and hand-eye coordination.
        You are the Bus Driver-Can you manage to dodge on coming highway traffic during rush hour?Touch screen controls allows you to manipulate your bus simply by guiding it's direction with your finger.

        1. You have to obey the traffic rules and drive your bus carefully. Your score will be deducted heavily once you are involved in an accident or break the traffic rules. It will be all right if you cannot reach to the destination on time because of the traffic jam. But you should know that you will be rewarded with less points as long as you are deducted with scores during the bus driving. You can break through the level although there is no time rewards for you.
        2. You should drive the bus on the same lane. If you want to change to another lane, you should press “out of lane”. Or your score will be deducted. I was deducted for 10 points.
        3. How to turn: I think turning is the hardest part of this game. You will be prone to knock into things or other buses at the crossroads. My practice is to press the direction button and then brake suddenly. But this way cannot eliminate the probability of accidents completely.
        4. You can press H once you stop at the station. In this way, the passengers will get on the bus quickly. But if you press H more than once, which will influence the passengers’ emotion. The outcome is that your score will be deducted.
        5. The green light will keep on for a short time. Thus you cannot drive your car too fast. Otherwise you will run the red light before braking.
        walk forward
        walk backward
        walk left
        walk right
        toggle run
        change camera
        start english / shut off engine
        gear up
        gear down
        steer left
        steer right
        bus stop brake
        lower bus / elevate bus
        toggle lift mode
        NUM 9
        pull out ramp
        pull in ramp
        pull up ramp
        pull down ramp
        shift up destination
        shift down destination
        enter bus / leave bus
        open front door
        close front door
        open back door
        close back door
        indicate left
        indicate right
        hazard lights
        dimmed headlights
        driver's lighting
        passengers lighting
        signal light
        driver's seat camera
        outside camera
        change static outside cameras
        left mirror
        right mirror
        use cell phone
        back to vehicle
        reset vehicle
        use radio device
        hand over ticket
        answer kindly
        answer neutral
        answer unkind
        show time
        toggle radio channel
        Quick load
        Quick save
        show map

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