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    Call of Duty: United Offensive Game Review:

        This game includes altogether 14 single-player tasks and other 9 multi-player maps. So players will find different game experiences by playing this game. During the B-17 bombing mission, the bomber will be circulated and attacked by the German AA flack. So the pilot needs to send SOS message through the radio.
        After accepting the SOS message, players need to attack their enemies immediately. The process of this battle is based on the number of enemy that is attacked by the player. If your partner were killed during the battle, you can take place of him by controlling the plane of the canon.
        Before this, players need to do some maintenance work. During the Kursk battle, the players will act as some Soviet Union soldier and defend the German armies attack. The player can drive the tank in the front with partners beside him. The airplanes are flying in the sky. The bombing is everywhere. All of these will make players feel like they are in a battlefield. They will feel like that they are part of the war, but not an onlooker.

        Task one
        At the first, you should follow your squad and search for your patrol teammate. You will meet the German army in front of a pile of wood sticks. As for me, I did not have enough bullets with me. So I just hide myself behind the wood pile and have a practice first. Soon, the German tank will come, and then you will hear your sergeant calling, "GO, GO, GO!" At this moment, you should retreat and get back to your camp.
        Having returned to the camp, you should pack first and replenish bullets. Next you can follow your sergeant to the battlefield. If he were gone, you can just follow the radar to a foxhole. Keep an eye on the right defense and take care of the armored gunner on the top of weapon carrier.
        Next, you will get to another foxhole in the south. There, you can get a machinegun. With it, you should protect the left line. Next, you will be called to take care of two machine guns on the opposite hillside with M1.
        Once the gunner is gunned down, our courageous Moody will come out and throw out a smoke shell. Of course, you need to get his back. Afterwards, two P-47 will come to your rescue and kill those German soldiers. Just follow the Moody and run to the west until you get to the next foxhole.
        There, you can get six tank rockets and change your outfit soon. At this moment, the German tank is already driving to you. So just fire your two tank rockets to explode them away. In this way, you have three tank rockets left. If you missed, you should know that there are other six bullets for you in the foxhole next.
        After this, the fourth and fifth tanks will appear. But the American tank troops also arrived at. So among laughters, you can perfectly finish this task.
        Task two
        After getting the intelligence at night, you need to continue searching for the lost patrol soldiers and easily destroy 88 German canons. You will be lead by sergeant Moody, and you will be discovered by the German army as soon as you get to the top of the hill. In this way, a fight is inevitable.
        Some of your partners are gunned down by audaciously rushing forward. Moody will still be the hero and rescue your partners out of instinct. Of course, the cover job lies on you. After killing all of these enemies, you will find your enemies camp by rushing to the north-west direction. The pity is that this camp is first discovered by the German enemy. So you have to move along the right side under the coverage of your own gunmen.
        Not from afar, you can see the German machine guns, throw two grenades at those two Germans behind the rock. Next, walk through a room until you reach to the yard where 88 canon is. You should provide coverage for your partners and watch out for the machine gun in the attic. Next, you can rush into the room next and hold a German officer captive and let him tell you the whereabouts of your partners by force.
        Next get out of the room and take care of those German soldiers in your way. And then follow your partners into an attic with a machine gun in it. Here, you will find out the injured Vasquez. After this, get out from the backdoor, and then you will have a fight with the German army at the next crossroad.
        Get down there from the left trench and clear out all of the German soldiers here. You need to know that their backup army is coming to you. So follow Moody and ambush those German vehicles. You will also be followed by a German tank. So pick up the anti-tank rocket and destroy the tank. At last, finish the task by going back to the crossroad.
        Task three
        You need to rush forward among the bullets at the very beginning of this task because you need to take over the Foy ahead of American tanks.
        Before reaching to a room, you need to take care of one observer, one sniper and one machine gun. All of these three persons are hidden in the attic not very far from. It is really nice to use the M1.
        The German fire will cease once you kill the observer. Next you can follow Moody and rush into where the 88 is located. On your way, you need to kill some German gunners.

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