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    Candy Crush Saga Game Review:

        Candy Crush Saga is a really wonderful match game. To play this game, players need to match three similar candies. In this way, they can pass through a virtual world filled with snowman and Loch Ness monsters.
        The charming of this game lies in that it needs players to pass the test in each level with the least steps.
        Besides, players need to apply their logic thinking ability and memory. Thus this game provides players who seek for high score in Line Pop with an opportunity to train their memory ability and logic thinking ability. In this way, players can fully show their power to match.
        In this fairytale world, players need to act as the paper girl named "Tifei". Under the guidance of queen candy, players will go through thirteen chapters altogether. The challenges in this game will be set in more than one hundred levels.
        The rules are very simple. Players can get scores by matching three similar candies. But the board will be different from level to level. Boards with hollows or multiple angles is a kind of test to players.
        This game is different from the traditional match games, players need to meet some terms before they can break through a certain level. So players cannot win the game by only winning higher scores any more. They also need to perform other tasks, such as win limited credits, transport fruits, clear jelly and win scores during a limited period of time, etc.

        First let us talk something about the limited credits. Players need to pass the level by applying limited moves. If the standard is surpassed, and than this player can get three stars.
        The second type is the jelly clear. You will see that the transparent jelly is set under the candy. As long as you remove the candy, the jelly will disappear either. But the jelly will become more and thicker while the game progress. Sometimes, there might be icy jelly, so players need to remove the candy over these jellies more than once to completely clear these jellies. The number of move is limited.
        Next is about the fruit transportation. During such levels, you will see cherry or peach will appear randomly on the board. So you need to remove the candies below these fruit. In this way, the fruit can drop down to the bottom of the board. You need to plan beforehand how to transport these fruits step by step. Besides, the number of the fruit is different from level to level.
        The last one is the time trial. I believe that this mode is not strange to players who tried Line Pop. But the problem is that players cannot move any candy during the automatic match period. The time is very limited. But players need to remove all the enhanced candy to break through the level.

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