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    Captain America: Super Soldier Game Review:

        Captain America:Super Soldier is adapted from the film named Captain America released on July, 2011. It is predicted that this game will have PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP and NDS versions.
        It is always said that the adapted games are not challenging enough to play. People also think the content of the adapted game are also very boring. The only advantage of the adapted film is to unlock different passes and make achievements in their mind. It is no denying that it is very easy to get scores while playing this game. But it is not that exaggeration that you can get 1000 points in ten minutes. But it is possible that you can get the full score with ten hours if you are an excellent ACT player. Besides, it is really interesting to play this game because of its rich content. Now I want to share my game experience with you.

        Strategy guide:
        I don't want to say too much about the relative storyline because I already explained it before. Unlike the original film, the characters contained in the game are unreal. For example, players will act as enemy troops in this game.
        But the good thing is that our Captain American is also a very strong character. No bullets can go through him coupled with powerful skills!
        Actually, there are three suits available for our "Captain American".
        At the beginning of this game, players need to adapt themselves to the pace of this game. Like in other ACT games, enemies always appear in groups except for the Prince of the Devils. In this way, you will see that fight one to one is not useful during the later part of this game. Thus, you should forms a good habit of killing the puny soldiers at first and then attack other enemies followed by RB+B (reattack). At the same time, you should press A to evade other enemies' attack. You also should remember to use Focus Meter once it is full by pressing RB+X or RB+Y to kill all of the puny soldiers.
        Next is the charming point of this game. Players need to kill a bunch of enemies at the same time. Thus you need to apply different methods to deal with enemies who are at the behind and in the front. Usually, the nearer enemies will dash to you. At this moment, you should start LB to bounce back the bullets fired out by your enemies. This skill is really exciting. Or you can press A to evade the bullets and jump to the face of other enemies. In this way, you can let your enemy to kill each other. You should note that it is rare in ACT game to use enemy as shield.
        Watch my shield!
        You need to keep an eye on three kinds of enemy during the later stage of this game. They are distance heavy soldiers, the same type of heavy-duty soldiers who are good at close combat, as well as the upgraded enemies who can release energy. To deal with far and close distance enemy, you should use long-distance shield to freeze them and then dash to them. At this moment, they will start heavy attack on you. But you can evade their attack by pressing A.

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