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    Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition Game Review:

        This is an adventuring game about "candy land." Dora will play a game with her firends. This game is similar to dice shooting game and take turns to go forward. This game can be played by two to four players. You can play this game by starting the little Dora book at the lower left corner. There comes blocks with the specifc color. What you need to do is to step onto that block with this color, of course, it should be the nearest one. Like this way, if players come across block with a graphic on it, and then there will appear a lovely game screen. It includes altogether six kinds: classify apples based on size, house chocolate filling, identify the kocking order based on your memory, find out animal, arrange letter bridge and add colors. The game is full of chocolate and candies. Even the main character is a piece of biscuit. Fresh colors, lovely cartoon characters and easy operation methods are likely to make children like it. This game can help your children learn knowledge in an unconscious way. The backgound story of this game is that gingersnap boy Jib, lollipop princess and Mr. Wise defeat the vicious nobleman licorice and save the lovely candy land.
        After you downlaod this game, it will setup automatically as long as you click the F2198T1L1.exe. Note that the process will help you establish the icon of Play Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition on your sesktop. But you cannot play the game by clicking it (it is the case to play QiQi with windowsXP operation system). Thus you need to search the setup catelogue C:\Program Files\Candy Land - Dora the Explorer Edition and find out dora.exe to run it. (Special note: dora.exe is a hidden file, which can not be displayed by default. So you need to modify the folder properties to see (Tools - Folder Properties - View - Advanced settings inside). Of course, you can create on the desktop dora.exe shortcuts. It is one of the series of Dora cute children's games)
        You should choose the easiest mode. At first, you sould choose only one character in order to be familiar with the game. And you should ignore the option no backward moves. Otherwise, once you fail, you have to play from the beginning.

        1. To break through the first pass, you should click the card on the left downside. And then you will see one or two blocks with the same color. Find the relative block on the bridge with the same color and then click it. Dora will move forward. You can get into the next pass.
        2. In order to finish the second pass, whay you need to do is to put the yellow decoration circle at the top of the trumpet.
        3. You should put the gray circle into the pit on the surface of the harp. You should not move the yellow circle. It is just a disattraction.
        4. It is easy to finish this pass. As you can see, one chopstick is put into the desert. There is a dotted line besides it. So you can just draw another chopstick to there to break through this pass.
        5. In this pass, you have to recognize the correct letters according to the sound and then click the corresponding letters. But the first sounded letter will not fall down sometimes. The letter will fall down if it saids that you will find the letter......
        6. After finishing the letter identification game, you have to find the relative articles according to the game tips. But you have to find them during the given time limit. Actually, you can find things by color and shape. Thus it will be easy to ind them.

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