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    Caribbean Jewel Game Review:

        Caribbean Jewel is a game about jewel elimination. This game tells a story of Captain Salty's looting experience.
        This game includes altogether more than 80 levels. Each level has their own characteristic. Thus it will not make players feel boring to play this game. This is indeed a good choice for players who want to kill their time occasionally and have a relax. Both the pirates style and the shining jewels are really fascinating.
        The number of props in this game is also really innumerable. So players can apply whichever prop they need to break through the levels. Of course, the props are unlimited for you as long as you are good enough.
        By and large, this game is wonderful. It tells such a story: the pirate Salty and his wife find out that their treasure map is gone. Afterwards, he realizes that this may can be attributed to another notorious pirate Joe. So he determines to get back his treasure. First, he lands on the Tortuga. Next he needs to recruit some excellent sailor and profound scholars. While this job can only be finished by eliminating jewels. So can you handle that?
        The game experience is really good, there is no trace of stagnation. Many props are available to players for their excellent performance. Besides, players can purchase more auxiliary props with the golden coins collected by them.

        1. Click the "Start" game button to play the next level. Try to beat the best time for each level and become a champion.
        2. You can replay any level whenever you want to.
        3. In order to search the island, you need to cut your way through the brush and at the same time plunder jewels to pay for the crew. It is the pirate way! The faster you go, the higher the bonuses at the end of the level.
        4. If you simultaneously clear five or more blue crystals, a bomb will appear on the playing field.
        5. If you click on the bomb, it will explode and destroy all the objects and tiles nearby.
        6. Captain Salty managed to talk Trevor into joining his crew! Trevor is always ready for action, as long as you are ready to pay 5,500 golden coins. And another 800 pieces every time you make use of his skills. Trevor can clear away the entire row with his hook.
        7. There are stones stuck in some cells. They prevent their objects from falling down. Clear the objects around the stones to destroy them and clear the way.
        8. Bombs and some other power-ups can also destroy the stones. Give it s try!
        9. There is a time limit for every level. Although you will not run out of time, you should also be quick. Once you move at a slow speed, the relative bonuses and scores will be deducted. At last, you should prefer to clear away a number of five or more jewels at the same time, which can help you win more scores and bonuses.

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