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    Cars 2 Game Review:

        Cars 2 is adapted from an animation film also called Cars 2. This game is a racing game. Players can paly the part of many famous film characters such as Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile, etc. At the same time, players can compete with each other on the Italian, Japanese and German racing track. This game is based on such a story. That is, after Lightning McQueen taking part in an organization named CHROME, CHROME has to have a fight with Professor Z troops in order to stop Professor Z from using oil as the fuel. The objective of CHROME is to urge Professor Z develops cars with biofuel.

        The operation methods of this game is similar to that of the popular Crazy-racing Kart-rider in the past or the Mario cart during the SFC period. Players can just use RT/LT for braking. In the sharp turn, players can hold the B key to perform unimaginable spinning skill. In this way, players can drive any type of Benz in the racing track at a high speed. Besides, there are various random prop, including Rocket launchers,heavy machine guns, and EMP, etc. These weapons can be used to deal with or disrupt other players. The shortcut means that players can jump through obstacles by holding A key for a seconds, and which can help to reduce competition time. What needs to be pointed out is that, this game is targeted at youngsters. Thus there is a teaching model for the first time to paly. Players need to go though the control lecture. Never mind, it is very clear and easy to understand.

        Disney Pixar is good at endowing lifeless objects with living vitality.
        The most effective way to reduce competition time is to use the jump function identifying the shortcut.
        Random weapons will appear on the racing track, including EMP, electric magnetic guns, heavy machine guns, and rocket launchers and so on to attack or disrupt other players.

        Even though this game can not support several players to play online at the same time. But during playing this game, four plays can lay this game by splitting the screen. Thus players can invite three or five intimate friends to play this game to hold a game party at home. This game has an advantage. Unlike other games of the same category, this visual effect of this game will not be damaged in the process of screen splitting. The game quality will not be harmed. There is no deformation. The reason is that players can split the screen as upper part and lower part. Thus different players can get their own visual range. This will remove a lot of trouble for players. Out of curiosity, I tested the splitting screens when three players were playing this game. The outcome is very promising. When three players playing this game, the screen will be split into upper part ad lower part. 1P and 2P are continuing their game in the left and right checks in the upper part. While 3P can make full use of the whole lower part. This kind of screen splitting layout is not very common.

        This game is not confined to the Race Mode. There are other seven modes, including Battle Race?Attack?Survival?Arena?Disruptor?Hunter?and Squad Series. Like Battle Race, players can use the random weapon propping up on the racing track to attack enemies. In this mode, players can try every means as long as they can get the first place. But there is a time limit for Attack mode. Players can use weapons appeared on the racing track to destroy enemies. Who destroys the maximum number of enemies, who is the last winner. Generally speaking, if you like this kind of racing game at high speed and if you can invite friend to play this game with you, this game is strongly recommended for you.

        The only drawback is that this game encourages players to unlock new racing track, mode and vehicle by acquiring game experience, but it lacks animated film clips, a set of collection of car paintings and other factors, coupled with the stand-alone multiplayer game support only for the game. The outcome is that the game is not as goos as expected. But the entertaining effect of this game is the best among the most recommended party games this year so far.

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