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    Cars 2 Game Walkthrough:

        Cars 2 Basic Operation Methods
        ↑↓ Acceleration; Deceleration
        E:Turn around the car, control the balance with left and right two keys after star, and keep charging
        W:Slide the car to the left or attack cars on the left
        R: Slide the car to the right or attack cars on the right
        S: Single wheel drive, this state can keep charging automatically.
        D: Drifting
        F: Use lighting prop
        V: Super speed needs high energy
        Space: jump; can obtain charge slot reward after jumping through some obstacles.

        Composite keys:
        Space+w ,Space+R: The car will roll back and forth. Charge slot reward will be given for successful roll.
        Space+E: The car will roll roll around, the same to above.
        Space+S: not sure, seems to about roll, the same to above.
        The casual combination of Space and each of WERS can achieve different effects. More compositions means more charge slots as reward.

        There are many hidden shortcuts can be used, so you need to observe carefully.
        The missile can not be used for chasing. Missile orbit is a straight line, so you better aim it at the dense populace to improve firing accuracy.

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