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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo Wii
  • XBOX 360
  • Sony PSP
  • GameCube
  • Nintendo DS

      This is a car racing game. The cars in this game are personified. They are like us. They can smile. They have their own dreams. They will also be disappointed by many unpromising things. But they also help each other. Generally speaking, this game is favored by many people because this game is really exciting to play. The picture of this game are also very lovely. If you really like them, I suggest you to collect them. I promise they will become part of your valuable memories. The sound track of this game imitates that of the original film's. So if you like the original film version, and then this game will be definitely your type. Besides, this game includes different kinds of characters. All of them are sile but they have different role to play. Thus you need to control them properly during the gaming process. Do not worry, it is easy to paly this game although it might be a little bit difficult to adapt yourself to it. At last, you can invite your friend to play with you. You can choose different characters and have a competition. Anyway, it is worthy of playing this game.