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    Cars Race O Rama Game Review:

        This is one of the sequels of the Cars. Players will follow Lightning McQueen and get into Radiator Spring. In this game, Lightning McQueen will take part in the O Rama with other students.
        Lighting finds out that Chick Hicks and other students cheat during their competition in order to help Chick Hick own the honor of the champion. The background of scenary of this game is of variety. There are beach, outskirts, and metropolitan. With the competition, players can upgrade their driving ability. Besides, they can also order game background for themselves. At the last stage of this game, the final version Lightning McQueen will have a duel with final version Chick Hicks. They compete for the champion of the Race O Rama.
        Characters: This game includes more than 30 characters. There are 15 wholly new characters, including the students from Doc Hudson, students from Chick Hicks, Motor Co Pit Crew, Not Chuck, Guido, Tater, Tater Jr., Bubba, Trophy Girl, Chick Hicks Pit Crew, Doc Hudson Pit Crew, and Vin Racer. Besides, there are some strong characters. They are Chick Hick’s trainees, including El Machismo, Candice and Stinger.
        New car racing background: this game provides players with eights kind of car racing backgrounds. Four of them are completely new. They are Radiator Springs Speedway, Santa Carburera, Motoropolis City and Autovia
        You can select the Arcade mode to enjoy this game with your friends. You will have a good time with your friend by finishing tasks together, having a car racing , and competing with your friend.
        Wonderful game events: There is also paparazzi in this game. They will take record of your special car racing skills and share them with your audience, which will make you feel like you are also a celebrity. So if you are into car racing game, and then this game is definitely your type. This is an upgraded version. Thus no matter from graphics or background music perspective, this game will give you special game experience.
        New small games: This game also includes interesting small games, including Mack Track, El Materdor, Mater the Greater, and Tokyo Mater.players can also try some original games, including Photo Op, Auto Cross, Tractor Stampede and Transporter.
        Come and play the part of the Lighting McQueen in this game and compete with other new characters on the car racing track for the Race-O-Rama cup! Follow Lightning McQueen and other students to take part into the Radiator Springs. But Lighting finds out that students from the Chick Hicks cheat during the game to get the cup!
        This game will be held on all kinds of car racing tracks. There are roads on beach, in outskirts and in city and in desert. Players can upgrade their skills at the different stages of the game. Besides, they can also set outfit for themselves. At last, Lightning McQueen will compete with the Chick Hick for the Race-O-Rama cup. Thus just rush forward!
        New options: You can create your own world by setting cars for yourself. You can change the color of the car. You also can change wheels and hood, etc.

        Start: Space
        Brake: key C (key A is recommended)-it is very useful when you need to turn suddenly or turn around
        Backward: Press the brake key for two times in a row--you will need this key to turn around when you run backword with a certain degree of speed. But you need to learn from Mater this skill first.
        Drift: key S- yo will need this key to perform the small radius turn in the mud. You need to press key S and the start key at the same time.
        Push: key A (key Q is recommended)--you need this key to accelerate in a straight line, but you need to find out fuel and gas bottle at first by recognizing Fillmore.
        Jump: You should press key “up” and “down” in a row--this will be frequently used
        Reverse: key D--you can also use this key to decelerate or to make a big turn
        Sideways: left Shift--you can use one side of the wheel to turn suddenly
        Event: Press D in the events trigger point circle (consult relative tip)
        ←→ move
        ↑↓acceleration; deceleration
        E: After turn around, use direction keys to keep the balance of the car and keep charging for the car
        W: The car can move to the left horizontally. I can also attack cars on its left side.
        R: Make the car move to the right in a horizontal way. The same function with above.
        S: You can drive your car on one wheel. You can press S to keep charging.
        D: Drifting
        F: Use the lighting skill
        V: Super speed with huge energy consumption
        Space: jump, players can get reward after jumping through some obstacles
        Composite keys:
        Space+w, Space+R: The car can roll back and forth. You can get power charging slots as reward.
        Space+E: The car can roll to the right or to the left. Same to the above.
        Space+S: The car can roll up and down. Same to the above.
        The combination of Space and any of WERS can achieve different effects. More overlap means more slots.
        There are many hidden shortcuts in this game. Thus you need to observe carefully.
        The missile has no tracing effect. It can rush along a straight line. Thus you had better aim it among the dense population.

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