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    Cars Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        This game is promoted by Disney and Pixar cooperatively. This game tells a story about a strange car world. The main character of this game is a fashionable cool car. He has been dreaming to fully show himself on the Route66 during the car competition and become the new idol of the car world. Unfortunately, there is an accident occurred during the game. And then he gets lost and breaks into a town which is totally strange to him. Thus he begins an unimaginable journey. This game carries out the humorous and bright style of the film named Cars. You can choose ten different kinds of characters. And there are 50 different tracks contained in this game. Besides, the sound track of this game imitates that of the film's. For players who are bored of the real car games, this game is really attracting.
        Main tip: This game is easy to play. The relative control buttons are a little bit innovative, but you can master it after practicing for a while. But you can not use all of the buttons contained in this game. You need to unlock these buttons one by one with the development of the storyline. There are 250 points included in this game, including Trophies, the conditions to take part in Piston Cup and some bonus. You can use the Bonus to buy film clips, animation, art cards and original game pictures, etc. Different phases of the story contain different number of points with different obtaining conditions. Thus you should observe the tips carefully.

        Game strategies:
        Start: Space
        Brake: key C (key A is recommended)-it is very useful when you need to turn suddenly or turn around
        Backward: Press the brake key for two times in a row--you will need this key to turn around when you run backword with a certain degree of speed. But you need to learn from Mater this skill first.
        Drift: key S- yo will need this key to perform the small radius turn in the mud. You need to press key S and the start key at the same time.
        Push: key A (key Q is recommended)--you need this key to accelerate in a straight line, but you need to find out fuel and gas bottle at first by recognizing Fillmore.
        Jump: You should press key "up" and "down" in a row--this will be frequently used
        Reverse: key D--you can also use this key to decelerate or to make a big turn
        Sideways: left Shift--you can use one side of the wheel to turn suddenly
        Event: Press D in the events trigger point circle (consult relative tip)
        Chapter 1
        Radiator Springs Grand Prix
        Points: 5
        The start part of this game is a competition, you need to earn five points:
        1、Radiator Cap Circuit
        2、Lizzie's Postcard Hunt
        McQueen is awaken by Sally. But after that, he finds out everything is nothing but a dream.
        Sally tells McQueen that everyone is determined to help him win the next car competition. Thus McQueen starts to prepare......
        Radiator Cap Circuit
        Points: 5
        You can go to the gas station to take part in Radiator Cap Circuit. You can start the story by wining the game:
        1、Sally's Sunshine Circuit
        2、Tractor Tipping
        Lizzie's Postcard Hunt
        Points: 20
        Start this chapter by going to Lizzie's house first. And then help Lizzie to retrieve all of the 20 post cards. It will take time to finish this task. Take it easy and do other tasks then. But you should first start this task because every time when you find a post card, the system will help you retain the file automatically. It will be convenient for you. Yo will get all the post cards and scores as long as you want to. The specific steps will be explained later.
        Sally's Sunshine Circuit
        Points: 5
        Get to Sally's house. You can choose this event to start the game (note that one point usually includes many events, you need to select one first). You can start the story by winning the game:
        1、Doc's Lesson:Powerslide
        Tractor Tipping
        Points: 20
        You can play Tractor Tipping at the place of rail used to lock McQueen. You can move by applying direction key, space key for whistle. Actually, whistle is useless. You can just hit the tractor. If you did not hit the tractor, even if you whistle, it will be useless.
        There are altogether eight passes with ascending difficulty. Yo have to break all the passes to get enough points.
        You need to arrange the route properly. Perfect route can help save time. Some tractors need to be put at last because sometimes they cannot be pulled out when stuck in a corner. Don't be caught by Frank. Understand and master the moving pattern of the street lights, do not let them shed light on you. Move fast!
        Doc's Lesson:Powerslide
        Points: 3
        You can go to the outskirts (there is mark on the map). You can take part into Powerslide's training. This pass can be broken through as long as you perform drifting on the designated place. Doc's Chanllege
        Points: 5
        After the Powerslide training, you can have a competition with Doc. Yo can take part in the first competition of Piston Cup held in this season-Palm Mile Speedway.
        Chapter 2
        Boostin' with Fillmore
        You should first go to Fillmore's place where is the beginning of the whole story. Now you can use the pushing key. The relative time needed to refill fuel and use Boost depend on the number of the gas bottle. You can take altogether three gas bottles. Fillmore gives you one. Mater will also give you one later. At last, you can get another one as reward after winning Boost in your competition (tease uncle Mack's small flyting car).
        1、North Desert Dash
        2、Sarge's Boot Camp
        Luigi to the Rescue
        Points; 20
        You should control Luigi to retrieve all the lost wheels. Luigi is my favourite character in this film. It is easy to pass as long as you are familiar with the map, arrange the routes and apply the jump function frequently.
        North Desert Dash
        Points: 5
        Go back to the gas station again, and take part in North Desert Dash.
        Sarge's Boot Camp
        Points: 10
        You should accept training from Sarge in the outskirts. The training is classified as three degrees. The second degree is the hardest. The pont is the you need to control the speed properly and reduce the possibility of colliding with your enemy. New story will roll out in front of you after you break through all of the passes.
        1、Sarge's Off-Road Chanllege
        Sarge's Off-Road Chanllege
        Points: 5
        You can play this game after finish the above training. You can take part into the second
        1、Moto Speedway of the South         Points: 10
        The same as the above games, you will get into chapter three and starts new game after winning the game.
        1、Mater's Backwards Lesson
        2、Cheriff's Chase

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