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    Chimeras: Tune of Revenge Collector's Edition Game Review:

        The graphics of this game is really wonderful with rich color! The game methods are conventional. But there are a lot of small games about puzzle resolving and article hunting are added into this game. Besides, the content of this game is also very fascinating.
        At the old saying goes, “all the works of the Elephant are refined ones”, it seems that this game is marvelous. The story of this game is about a mysterious street organist who want to sell his divination card for one penny.
        If you were asked to solve the case when the first victim who buy the card and die for mysterious animal attack, what will you do? Can you identify the street organist? What is on his mind? He claimed that he wanted to avenge an innocent person who died thirteen years ago!
        So what happened thirteen years ago? Who is trying to cover the truth? This dark city was full of happiness. But now there is nothing here but lies and deceit. So come and uncover the drowned truth in this exciting puzzle game!
        The first chapter
        Click the truck and take up the amulet A, this tool will be automatically added to your tool kit as long as you click it;
        Next pick up the handle B;
        Click the truck door, and put the handle on it Z;
        Click the opened car and activate HOS;
        Hunt the articles based on the order list;
        Put the handle on the head of the ax, you will get an ax;
        Push the truck out of the main road;
        Open the gate D, pick up the water bucket E and paper card F;
        Click the large water bucket, and then put the water bucket under the tap, switch on the tap and get a bucket of water; click the firing man and use the water bucket on him, and then you can get the red marble 1/2 and the curse card @; next walk into the narrow street;
        Check the wall and pick up the pigeon badge I;
        Click the crate and get the second card J and pliers K;
        Click the fence and use the pliers on it, you can get red marble 2/2 L and a large brass ring M;
        Click the main gate, and then put these two marbles into the eye sockets N;
        March forward and walk into the gate opened just now;
        Click the niche and then crack the egg for twice and then get up the torch O, you can use this torch when you want light something on or burn something;
        Use the torch light the candle P on, and then pick up the prayer’s book;
        Click the pulpit and then put the prayer’s book on it, and then pick up three paper cards R, small bronze coil S and crane handle T;
        Next go backward and click the safe box, and then put both the large and small bronze coils on it to activate a small game U;
        Adjust the location of the bronze coils to finish the picture, and then solve the puzzle to get a knife;
        Click the crack, and use the knife on it, you can get a silver key W;
        Next march forward and click the shutter, here you can use the silver key to open the lock X; next click the colored crystal window to activate HOS Y;
        Hunt the articles according to the order list;
        Put the helmet on an armor, you can get a knight 1;
        Pick up a mirror;
        Click Medusa and use the mirror Z on it;
        Click the military police and then pick up a bomb A and the curse card @;
        Next walk through the hole on the wall;
        Click the work station and use your torch on the sword B, you will get a dull sword C and the curse card @;
        Click the dragon D;
        Click the hand lamp; pick up the fourth paper card E;
        Click the cart, get the fifth card F and the nail G;
        Click the door of the cart H and use the bomb on it;
        Go backward;
        Click the five papers on the rood of the poster house, you will ger a poster with a code on it;
        March forward and you will enter into the square of the city;
        Next check the cart on this square and put the code on it, and then you can activate a small game J;
        Next rearranging the symbols according to the code display;
        The correct order is: D-C-C—B-A-C-C-B-B-B-C-C-B-B
        Once successfully solve this puzzle, you can check the cart and take away your treasure L;
        Handle the treasure to the dragon M; walk upward and step into the monster house;
        The second chapter
        Monster House
        Click the knife grinder, use the dull sword to get the sharp sword N;
        Click the lifting jack and take away the nail puller O;
        Click the sign, and use the nail puller get wood crate 1/2 P and silver rose 1/3 Q;
        Try and walk forward to get into the room R;
        Click the tent, and use the sharp sword on it, re-click the tent to enter HOS;
        Hunt the articles according to the list;
        Put the glasses on the binocular telescope and you will get telescope 1;
        You will get a hammer; then draw back and click the cart, use the nail puller to get crate 2/2;
        Click the broken ladder, use two crates on it, nail and hammer U;
        Walk backward and click the horizontal inscribed board, use the screw driver and you will get silver rose 2/3;
        Head toward the monster house and click the window, you can use the glass cutter Y;
        Click the cut window and you can successfully activate the puzzle;
        You can solve the puzzle by reorganizing it with the correct order;
        Take away a facial mask;

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