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    Club Penguin: Game Day! Game Review:

        Club Penguin Game Day is the first ever Nintendo Wii video game to be based on our favorite online virtual world.
        Players need to create a penguin which looks like a dog and then take part into a team to carry out a series of tasks, including Snowball Battle, Puffle Paddle, Java Jump, quick freeze, and sled, etc.

        Below are the complete cheats you will need to the new Club Penguin: Game Day Nintendo Wii Game.
        In Club Penguin Game Day, you compete in a total of 12 different games, each with multiple levels and difficulties. These games include Snowball Battle, Puffle Paddle, Java Jump, quick freeze, and sled.
        As you might already be able to notice, some of these games are based on actual Club Penguin mini-games!
        The whole game is focused around Club Penguin games and challenges. With 3 different modes to play on, you have a lot of choices when deciding what you want to play!
        In Story Mode, you can conquer islands by competing in a series of 4 different games in a row.
        If you do good during these 4 games, you will be able to conquer an island!
        In Quick Play, you can play your favorite Club Penguin Game Day games with friends very easily!
        There is also Tournament Mode, which is similar to Quick Play, except with 4 different series of games.
        When you purchase Club Penguin Game Day, there is a special code on a small card that allows you to unlock exclusive Club Penguin Game Day Items online!
        In Club Penguin Game Day, there are 12 different games and challenges that you can compete in. When you start playing Club Penguin Game Day at first, not all of the games are unlocked!
        To unlock all of the games, you must first complete Story Mode and unlock more games as you conquer different zones. We will get more into conquering zones later.
        Goal! Move around and try to score goals in other players'nets. Avoid getting pucks scored into your own net!
        Snowball Battle Pick up and throw snowballs at other players. Try to not get hit by a snowball.
        Rollin' Riot Roll up a ball of snow as much as you can and try to avoid getting it stolen by other players.
        Java Jump Race against other players around the track. Avoid the obstacles around the track by jumping over them.
        Sled & Slide Race down the snow and collect coins as you go down. Avoid obstacles by tilting your Wii remote.

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