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    Cocoto Kart Racer Game Review:

        Cocoto Kart Racer is a kart racing game. The drivers in this game are cartoon figures. These carton characters are really cute. Besides, the whole game scene is also very innovative filled with all kinds of props with new effects. For example, players can collect the marbles or the golden apples on the racing track during this game.

        1. It is really fun to play this game. Having entered into this game, you will see single player mode, multiplayer mode, game records, options and quit. First you should note that the default keys are different in this game. You will start the kart with H, stop the kart with S, turn left with A, and turn right with D. Besides, you ca press Y to pull the kart back once you hit something. But you can also set the relative control buttons for yourself before starting this game. The most important thing is that you should apply H to select a certain item instead of the Enter. At last, you can press J and back to the main game.
        2. There are three items in the single player mode. They are champion, single race and time trial. Similarly, press H to get into the champion game. Next choose your favourite character and kart to start the game. By the way, the performance of these karts are the same although they are different in appearances.
        Besides, there are also three difficult levels: easy, normal, hard. First try the easy level. In this level, you can challenge the silver cup, golden cup and the magic cup. Select the silver cup first and start the game after three seconds. Remember to press H to start the kart. You need to cover three laps altogether. During the game, you need to collect marbles and golden apples on the racing track. At the same time, you need to avoid those huge monsters walking back and forth on the racing track.
        You will not be dead during this game. So be brave and drive your kart as fast as you can. The difficult thing is to pass through the tunnel filled with icy columns. Do not hit any of this because they will make you slow down.
        3. Next is the multiplayer mode. Players can take part into champion, single layer or battle mode in this item. Actually, the multiplayer mode is similar to the single player mode. The only difference is that the racing track becomes tricky with more monsters. Similarly, you need to collect golden apples and marbles on the racing track. At the same time, you need to avoid those creepy monsters.
        4. Next is the time trial. You need to cover three laps during the shortest time to become the winner.
        5. At last, it is suggested to set the control buttons for yourself if the default buttons are not convenient for you to apply. Do not be afraid of the fire pits in this game, you will not be dead even if you drop into one of them. Besides, the kart in this game is very flexible. It is very convenient for you to control these karts. So be brave to drive through those wonderful tunnels and mountain bridges. Oh, you can also invite four of your friends to enjoy this game with you!

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