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    Comanche 4 Game Review:

        Comanche 4 will be the first simulation game without any trace of voxel technology, developed by NovaLogic.
        The game design adopted polygon of good-ol style. This is proved to be a reasonable change because the ground based on polygon is much vivid than uneven voxel ground, although this is just part of the special NovaLogic technologies.
        The helicopter driven by you in this game is as wonderful as the surrounding environment. The model applies many polygons. The RAH-66 helicopter controlled by you is designed in details. Besides, there are other additional effects. For example, you can see the sunshine is reflected back from the face of the pilot sitting in the cabin.
        Not too much system resources is needed to build the terrain in this game. But the scenery is wonderful. You can see lofty mountains, hills and valleys. Your shadow of your helicopter will be reflected on everything on the ground. The shadow of which also keeps moving. It looks like a real helicopter.
        You can see the depth of the lake, river and the sea. Besides, you can clearly recognize the ripples and reflection on them. You can also see water splash created by the air oscillations brought up by the propeller. The plants will also be dispersed all around it. In addition, there will be obvious deformation on the ground if you apply bunker or tanks to attack something on the ground. The hell rocket will always leave a deep dark scar on the ground.
        Once you turn your eyesight from the appearances of the helicopter to the cabin, you will find out that there are many scaler and multi-functional displayers. So you can observe the data on them. At the same time, you can use them to discover the enemy helicopter lurked in the sky.
        Although this game looks like a very responsible game at the first sight, it is nothing like those regular simulation game to play. Unlike to play other similar games, you do not need to remember many things before you trying to play this game because the designer of NovaLogic will make it easier for you to play this game.

        This is a shooting game. In another word, you can just apply WASD four buttons to control the helicopter. Under the default, you can apply Ctrl and Shift to increase the integration, with Shify only to decrease the integration.
        This game adopts Oriental's Ka-50, Ka-52 and Mi-24. In order to compete with the enemy, you can equip your helicopter with weapons like AIM-9s, AGM-114s, and Hydra-70s and so on.
        Of course, the most powerful and trustworthy weapon is the XM301 20mm canon. It is very useful in the case of low visibility. This reveals the vividness of the Comanche 4 from another respect.
        There is a possibility that your helicopter might be detected by your enemy. So you need to fly low to avoid the radar when you are trying to assault your enemy helicopter.
        It is true that the system allows some new player to make some adjustments, but you may also run into barriers or fall down. So you need to master some basic driving skills first.
        The combat in this game involves at least five or six players. In each battle, players need to finish three or five missions. No need to say that all of these battles will be fought in the current politically sensitive areas, although Eckhart did not specifically tell where.
        The background of this game is set in a woods. There are rivers, trees and steep mountains.
        According to Eckhart, this game will include several typical islands and deserts. Another mission will be carried out in the modern city. Besides, these single player missions. This game also has multi-player mode to boast of. Under this mode, players can enjoy this game with other 31 opponents. At the same time, they can have a online competition on the NovaWorld.
        This game is different from the past similar games. The tasks included in this game are very rich because this is an attack-oriented game. Players need to deal with different types of enemies during carrying out 30 different missions. The game scene may be set in the desert or in the modern city filled with buildings. Players will face all types of high-tech enemies from Mi-28 Havoc to gigantic Akula.
        The most exciting thing about this game is the online mode. 32 players can compete with each other in this game. You can imagine how magnificent the game scene might be when 32 helicopters are firing at each other......

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