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    Combat Wings - Pacific Heroes Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        You are an American pilot in this game. You must prove that you are a good pilot and combat with Japanese bombers. There are altogether 21 tasks in this game. Besides, multiple players can enjoy this game online at the same time. Players can choose to be a member of the American or Japanese army. 20 different types of planes will be involved in this game. So the fighting scene is really magnificent. It will be full of excitement and bloody fights.

        Strategy guide:
        Choose "Easy" and press F2 to choose a perspective out of the cabin because you can observe your enemy's every move clearly.
        How to control the fighting airplane:
        You need to recognize to which direction the arrow points to. In this game, the arrow can help you identify your enemy's location. You should shoot when there is any airplane in your sight with guns but not with missiles. You need to apply the combat airplane in a flexible way. First, find the goal and then chase it untile you destroy it.
        Note: You had better attack your enemy from the behind, it will have no choice but to fall down. The speed should not be too fast when you are chasing a airplane, or you will rush to his mouth. If you find out that there are a lot of airplanes chasing you, and then you can dive directly downward(this is the charming point of this game because the airplane would be crushed in reality in this way). Next you should turn around and fire at your enemy. But reduce your speed when you turn around to reduce the radius. Besides, I think the combat aircraft is vulnerable to attack while it is turning around.
        How to drive the bomber:
        The disadvantage of B-17 and Avenger is their slow speed. They have no advantage when they are fighting in the air. But they have more bombs and torpedoes than that of the combat aircraft. The aircraft will go up when you are trying to destroy something. So you should aim precisely at the goal on the ground and throw down your bombs. But it will be easier for you to use the torpedo. First, you need to consider the direction and the landing point. Next you must land on the proper place.
        You will fly away from the goal at a very fast speed by throwing down bombs and torpedoes. The aircraft will be less likely to be attacked by other aircraft in the air if you keep pressing direction keys. After flying for a whole, you can turn around and bomb again.
        Machine gunner:
        Don't attack your enemy's tail when you are performing as the B-17 tail gunner. The advantage of the turret gun is that it will not become hot so you need to keep shooting. The machine guns on the land or on the bombers are very powerful. They can help you destroy an airplane by attacking it for several times.
        It will be hard for you to land on a perfect place. The water aircraft can land on anywhere. But other planes can only land on aircraft carrier and islands because there are a lot of buildings on the land.
        You need to decelerate before landing. Besides, you need to pay attention to the height. If you prepare to land on the ground, and then the landing height should be within 10 meters. If you want to land on a aircraft carrier, and then the height should be within 25-30 meters. That is to say, you can land safely by controlling the height within the proper range.
        Maybe the aircraft carrier is the most tricky problem to solve. In face of such kind of missions, you should shoot down your enemies, including "Kate" "Judy" "Val" and "Zeke" one by one in order.

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