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  • XBOX

      Counter-Strike is really an interesting game. To win this game, players need to apply many strategies. Generally speaking, it will be a little difficult for players to adapt themselves to this game at first. But many players show their favor to this game. Do you know why? The first reason is that there are different types of modes available for players in this game, including team competition mode, team burst mode, ghost mode, wiping mode, individual competition mode, a special battle mode, biochemical mode and breakout mode. Different modes will give players different kinds of feelings. So they will feel bored. The second reason is that there are 32 maps in this game. Besides, different maps are embroidered with different background pictures. The most important thing is that all of those pictures are with high quality. Thus it will be enjoyable for players to perform relative missions. The last reason is that this game involves the maximum number of characters compare with other games, including Swart, Seth, Night Rose, fox spirit, and the Flying Tigers etc. Players can apply different characters under different mode to deal with their enemy. In a word, this game is the king of all the shooting games. So it will be a pity for you to miss it!