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    Counter-Strike Game Review:

        Counter-Strike is a shooting game. As an experienced mercenary, players can use different kinds of weapons to deal with their enemies. Players can buy 15 different types of weapons in the shop. Besides, they can buy grenade and other three kinds of devices for defense.
        Players will be rewarded with certain amount of golden coins if they perform well during each level. They can use these golden coins to buy upgraded outfits. Besides, players can get accomplishment score and experience score. Their score will be ranked in the global line.
        In this game, there are two camps: "Counter-Strike" camp and the "terrorists" camp. Every camp has to fight more than one rounds on the map. The way to win is to get to the destination required by the map or to kill all of your enemies.
        This game has altogether five modes, including Bombplant&Defuse mode, Hostage Rescue mode, Assassination mode, Escape mode and Arsenal Mode.
        In this game, players have different goals. For example, they need to rescue the hostages, perform assassin task, remove the grenade and fled as a bandit. This game was released in the summer of 1999.

        Strategy guide:
        Maybe many players imagined once that they will see a magnificent fight scene in front of them once they enter into this game. Actually, what they first see is the purchasing mode. Every new player can get a certain amount of golden coins. With these golden coins, they can buy the most suitable weapons for themselves.
        Of course, there is a limit for you in terms of which kind of weapon you can buy. For example, as a policeman, you cannot carry the AK-47 submarine gun when you are on duty. But if you have enough money, you can buy some other things like helmet and body armor. (if you are a member of the terrorists, and then the black silk sock wearing on your head is free of charge)
        In this latest CS 1.6 version, players can try three modes. They are dismantle bomb mode, hostage rescue mode, fled mode, and protect VIP mode.
        During the hostage episode, players need to rescue a group of hostages taken by the terrorists. But if you lack patience and carefulness, you should choose terrorists and control them because the hostages are controlled by the computer. Once, I was very brave and dashed directly into the terrorists' stronghold and shouted at those hostages "get down, policeman!" But those scared hostages were just running aimlessly with those terrorists. So the result is that both the hostages and the terrorists were dead under my gun. (Anyway, we suffer a great loss that time because of my recklessness)
        The second mission is Bomb Plant/Defuse. The terrorist will plant a bomb. The counter-strikers must dismantle the bomb during a given time. Of course, the terrorist must try every means to protect their own bomb.
        Among the three episodes, I think Assassination is the most interesting one. Counter-strikers must protect a political VIP to a safe destination. On the contrary, the task of those terrorists is to kill this poor Very Important Person.
        In this game, both sides have several different kinds of sniper rifles. So it is nearly a "sniper war". At the same time, the counter-strikers need to search every room one by one in order to make sure that they can get to their destination on time. A fierce "near house combat" can not be avoided.
        CS not only attaches great importance to the entertainment effect of this game but also attaches great importance to the authenticity of this game. Players cannot "resurrect" once they are "dead". Under this kind of circumstances, players can do nothing but to watch the fight standing aside until the end of this game.
        In another words, one camp can win the game by destroying the other camp. After one round, players can get into the next scenario or repeat the game scene occurred just now. If you win, more golden coins will be rewarded to you (the specific amount depends on the performance). Losers will be rewarded with the fairly modest amount of money to buy outfit.
        Of course, the rich side will have enough money to buy advanced weapons and defence devices. You can see that "The rich get richer, the poor are poorer". The purpose of this kind of designing is to encourage players who have more brave than wise to think more not to die in vain. So the strategic content of this game will be enhanced. Besides, it will be more fun for players to enjoy this game in this way.

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