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Cover Fire
Cover Fire
Cover Fire

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      In the best shooting game, lead your heroes to war with Tetracorp. Establish a front-line strategy on the battlefield to kill the enemy from all sides. Face unlimited operation in online championship game mode. Remove weapons from the kill Arsenal and upgrade your soldiers with unique shooter skills. Do you accept the challenge? New Sagittarius Experience. Joining in resistance and ordering this revolution is like a real war hero. Take your weapon, shoot the enemy with a bullet, a grenade, a large-scale gun. Release the anger of this war! Modern control, to bring you a unique sense of immersion. Connect your finger to the trigger. PRESS and SOOT! High-definition graphics with compressible environment, rich details of grains and wine. Everything interacts with you and your soldiers. Become a real veteran in ONLINE TOURNAMENTS MODE, turn yourself into a crazy and energetic adventure, and engage in non-stop action with other assassin players. Don't stop shooting with the best commando and sniper mission games. Provide you with a huge real ARSENAL. You've never seen such lifelike guns in shooting games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, snipers, grenades... it feels like a real frontline commando! Face the battlefield from different angles. Substitute between your mercenaries, and in the final killing game, find the final combination to win the war. Set up your ASSASSIN SOLDIER team with their unique skills: hackers, snipers, demolitionists... unlock new EPIC characters like Rocket Man or Gunner! Have you ever seen inflatable dinosaurs on the battlefield? TETRACORP is occupying several parts of the planet, suppressing villages, occupying resources and controlling every communication. A new boycott has been born, and it is time to eliminate this threat. Listen to the mercenaries of your brigade, start the journey of battle, the prelude to the greatest war the planet has ever seen. A new material, element 115, has been discovered, which can determine the fate of human beings. It cannot fall into Tetracorp's hands.
  • nice graphics
  • free to play
  • funny