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Craft Neighbor: Block Education and School
Craft Neighbor: Block Education and School
Craft Neighbor: Block Education and School

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      This is a distinctive game. You might think that no one will like a game about school because once it involves school, everything seems to be boring. But in this game, this is not the case. Here, you will meet new neighbors and new teachers. Your new neighbor harbors cruel secrets in his heart. And you need to find out what the secret is. So you need to be both bold and careful in this new environment. The most important thing is that you cannot be fooled by the big smile on your neighbor’s face. Although he might be always smiling to you, he still is a bad guy. And if you try for any reason to escape from school during the class period, you will be hunted for sure. Once you get caught, there would be punishment. So it is not a wise choice to skip classes except for the situation in which you are really threatened and your life might be in danger.
      You might think that all teachers are always good and can be trusted unconditionally. Actually, in this game, this is not true. If you come across a teacher who looks like very kind and nice. You should be on guard and be careful because there is a huge possibility and he is your enemy or someone who tries to do you harm.
      Just try it. And it will not disappoint you. After playing this game, you will have a new idea about going to school and your neighbors.