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    Crash Nitro Kart Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Mr. Crash! Today is my show day. I practice to driving the beach buggies for a long time just for today’s competition. I will try my best and win the champion. If you are interested in this game, I invite you to watch.
        How to star
        After getting into the game, click play-select game mode-choose difficulty degree-start the game
        Game objective
        You should avoid to collide with other cars and get to your destination as fast as you can.
        Operation method
        ↑: acceleration
        ↓: deceleration
        ←: left
        →: right
        There are two modes: racing mode and challenge mode. You can unlock record mode and map in the racing mode. In the challenge mode, you can unlock four characters. My suggestion is to play the racing mode first. This game includes altogether four passes. Each of them has four racing tracks. The first, second, third and fourth players will be rewarded with ten points, eight points, six points and four points respectively. There will be no points rewarded to the players after the fourth one. You can get into the next car racing competition once you rank among the first three. After finishing the racing mode, you can unlock the record mode.
        The challenge mode is a little bit difficult because the illustration are in English. So I want to explain them here. The first task is to help yaya exceed other players. Your rank does not matter. There are also props on the road, including flying bombs and little mouse. Generally speaking, it is easy to break through this pass.
        The second pass: you can break through this pass as long as you eat more apples than your opponent (unlock the first hidden character).
        The third pass: This pass is about attacking your enemy. But you cannot attack your enemy until its invincible time is over.
        The fourth pass: You need to run five times around the track in this pass. But you can break through it as long as you are the number one during the first three rounds.
        The fifth pass: First collect crash to the utter and then kick each of your enemy to break through the pass.
        The sixth pass: You can break through this pass by achieving champion (unlock the third character).
        The seventh pass: You can set a trap and then let your enemy fall into it for three times to break through this pass. All of props of this pass are about different kinds of traps, so it will not be difficult for you to finish your task.
        The eighth pass: You can break through this pass by unlocking the first one. Next you can unlock the fourth character and the instantaneous death mode.
        In the record mode, you should eat apple first and then unlock the racing car. You need to get 35 apples to unlock the first car, 50 for the second car, 70 for the third car, 100 for the fourth car, 120 for the fifth car, 135 for the sixth car, 160 for the seventh car respectively. After finishing the above tasks, you can unlock the last mode.
        Remember you do not need to collect all the apples at first. You should unlock several cars first and then get onto different racing tracks and collect apples. This is a better way. At last, you can unlock the last mode.
        The last mode is very simple. It is just about running over people. There will be unlimited number of people. (my experience: it is the fast way to press all the people into disappear on the bridge). You can unlock the fifth hidden character by running over more than fifty people in two minutes. In this way, you can get into the instantaneous death mode. There are sixteen racing tracks in this mode. After every competition in this mode, you have to rank at least the second. Besides, you can not fall into the water or traps for three times during the competition. You need to be careful because one slight error might erase all of your past efforts. After killing all of these people, the last hidden character will be unlocked. In this way, you successfully break through this pass.

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