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    Crash of the Titans Game Review:

        This is an action game. But no matter from the perspective of game style or operation and system, this game undergoes complete reform and upgrade.
        In this game, the main character can lift up small enemies. Besides, he can also take advantage of different special functions of these small enemies to deal with the giant enemy. So the game developer of this game vividly call this as "biologic chain system" . The progress of this game depends on what kind of action players apply to kill their enemy. Some of paths are blocked by a huge gate. Players need to kill giant enemy to open such kind of gate. But for some gate, player need to throw enemy to activate the switch of the gate to pass through. There are 15 different kinds of enemies in this game can be lifted or killed. Besides, players can change clothes and absorb the special abilities owned by the enemy killed by them.

        + : control Crash to move
        A: jump, double press for double jump
        B: release power
        X: kick
        Y: boxing
        L: discard your horse
        R: defense; roll to different directions by pressing R and different direction keys at the same time.
        Episode 1       A New Hop
        You can get Mojo after you destroying plants around you. More Mojo means that Crash will become more powerful. You can get more Mojo if you keep hitting giant plants. Next you can walk into the mountain cave and press X twice for double jump. In this way, you can jump to the high stage in front of you. Here, you can also get a red muppet. Next glide to the opposite side by pressing relative keys according to the hint. Here, you will need to play a small game. What you need to do is to eat 5000Mojo during 44 seconds in the blue bubble. My suggestion is to only eat the green Mojo. After this, you can get the blue muppet. Note you can challenge this small game for more than once. After getting to the seesaw, you should glide to the opposite side. In this way, you will be rewarded if you can successfully destroy three spy machines on the stage. But if the distance is too wide, you can first apply double jump and then glide to the opposite side. Here you need to rescue Aku-Aku. But afterwards he tells you that they are attacked by the dark force. So you need to press R for defense.
        Episode 2       A Succumbing To Age Story
        You can capture the monster by using free jack. Once on the back of the elephant, you can clear away everything in your way. Next press R+X or R+口 to aim at enemy in the distance. (you can press select to understand the relative skills owned by different monsters controlled by you). Press R+X to aim at once you see red target and fire at it after the star turns into red completely. There is a muppet under the cliff. After you climb down to the cliff, you will find a spy machine. Mojo Room suggests you to shoot down the flying saucer in the sky with this spy machine. At last, you can break through this pass by killing some puny monsters after a journey of gliding.
        Episode 3        A Zero's Journey
        You can shoot the little monsters on the tree from a long distance. Watch out and do not be push down to the cliff by the skull box. Next you can jump by observing the moving of the box. Get into Mojo Room from the mouth of the stone statue. Here you can obtain a blue puppet by destroying the monster. After this, you should keep walking until you get to the arena. Here, a channel will be opened after several rounds of fighting. Remember pick up with you the red puppet behind the wooden box. Next you will come to a platform. Here pick up the stone elephant and hit the stone in front of you into pieces. At last, you can finish the task by jumping through the platform and reaching to the tower.

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