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    Crescent Suzuki Racing Game Review:

        Crescent Suzuki Racing is a realistic simulation game about motorcycle racing. In this game, players can experience the extreme sports- the fun of motorcycle racing.
        As a simulation game themed with an interesting motorcycle racing, this game is a realistic one. In this game, players will act as motorcycle racers and take part into all kinds of competitions in order to grasp the champion. Except for competing with the computer, players can compete with each other by splitting the screen. So you can take part into this motorcycle racing game with your friends on the same computer.

        1. Having entering into this game, you will see the following options: main game, single race and two player versus.
        2. Next, you can choose a motorcycle for yourself. After this, let us first talk about the main game. Actually, it is not a wise choice to take part into the main game at the beginning of this game if your driving skill is not good enough because there is a time limit. Besides, you need to compete with other four players. You also need to know that the racing track in this mode are set among high mountains. So they are very narrow with a lot of turnings. At the same time, there are a lot of road blocks, including stones, road signs and wooden rails, etc.
        3. Do not drive too fast when you are turning. Maybe you will see that other players are driving at a flying speed once your time is out. Actually, this is not the truth. Based on relative physical knowledge, there is no way for them to turn at such a fast speed. Or their motorcycles will be overturned.
        4. Now it comes to the single race. There is also a time limit for this mode. So drive as fast as you can and as steady as you can. Another thing is that the course is tropical trail. Besides, there are six other players who try to defeat you. So you need to drive carefully. Or you will drop into or be knocked into the sea water.
        5. In terms of the two player versus, you can invite one of your friends to enjoy this game with you by splitting the screen. So you can enjoy this game on the same computer, which is really wonderful.
        6. You had better choose the two player versus mode at first instead of the main game or the single race if your driving skill is not good enough. To some extent, there is no opponent for you in this mode if you refuse to invite someone. Besides, there is no time limit for you. So there is a lot of time for you to be familiar with the motorcycle or the racing trail.
        7. Your ultimate goal is to win the champion. So you should cover the length required by the system as fast as you can. In this way, you will rank higher at the end of this game. Higher rank means higher score and better motorcycle. If you rank the top, and then you are the champion!

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