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Cut the Rope 2

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      Cut The Rope Time Travel Online has still to show as strong of a following as the original game but with the release now live on the app markets for some of the biggest smart phones, it won't be long before the game jumps in popularity. Cut The Rope Time Travel (Cut The Rope Online 2) will see Nom return and on the hunt for candy again and you will have to help him get the tasty treats to be able to get through the various levels ahead of you.Cut the Rope 2 is an engaging puzzle game that tasks you with helping a little green, blob-like monster reclaim his stolen candy. Each level is a new puzzle, and you have to determine which ropes to cut and in what order to deliver the candy to your character's mouth.
  • Travel through an interactive map to discover new locations filled with candy collecting, rope cutting action.
  • Find 6 new characters, the Nommies, to help you on your unexpected journey.
  • Customize Om Nom, choose your favorite candy and select your finger traces.