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    Cut the Rope Game Review:

        This game was published in October, 2010. You can play this game on the touch screen. Other champion games lost their shining color after this game is released. It seems that this game is very complicated to play. But actually it is not very difficult to pass the game. This 2D graphics of this game is very cute. Players can have a new experience. What you need to do is to cut the rope at the proper time and then let the candy fall into the cute animal's mouth. But you should notice that this game will become complex in the later stage.
        This game is famous for 2D graphics, convenient operation and light background music. Players need to cut the rope depends on different situations or use spraying equipment just poke the bubble in order to let the candy fall into the mouth of "om nom". It requires players to think about strategies and control the timing although it seems that this game is very simplet play.
        Introduction to Pass
        This game includes altogether 14 general passes. Every general pass includes 25 subordinate passes. You can collect three yellow stars for every pass. Thus at last, you should collect altogether 1050 yellow stars. You can use these stars to buy superpowers.
        General pass: Kraft box level; velvet box level; metal boxes level; Magic Box level; universe boxes level; Valentine boxes level; Toy Box level; gift boxes level; tool box level; hive boxes level; DJ box level; ghost boxes level ; steam box level; lantern boxes level.
        Game props
        There are other props except for the candy and the rope.
        Regular tools
        1. Nail: there are fixed nail and movable nail. The candy will be broken if it touches the nail during this game.
        2. Bubble: the candy will fly high if it touches the bubble. The bubble will break it you touch it with your finger. Of course, the game will also be over if the candy fly out of the screen.
        3. Strain the rope: the rope will become red when it is strained. You can move two movable blocks let the rope strained. Once the rope is cut off, there will produce a strong force which will bounce back.
        4. Air balloon: the ballon is fixed. You can use it to change the position of the air ballon or to increase the conciliation amplitude. You have to set the designated line if you want to combine the balloon with several bubbles. Or the candy can not return to the original location.
        5. Coil: when the candy goes into the inner circle formed by the coil, the coil can fix the candy. But this function can be used for only once.
        6. Moving blocks: this is very interesting. This prop can move toward four different directions. Sometimes, you will need to move it quickly to increase the conciliation amplitude. In this way, you can get the relative stars. Sometimes, you can use it to pull the cord tight. The degree of the tight will influence the bouncing back power.
        7. Timing star: there is a time limit for some stars. The star will disappear when the yellow light goes away. Thus you have to get the star during the limited time.
        8. Spider: the spider fixed on the nail also likes to eat candy very much. When the rope connects the spider with the candy, the spider will crawl to the candy. Thus you have to cut off the rope before the spider eats up it. (it also occurs in the experimental version with low rate )
        9. Electric arc: the electric arc has the same function with that of the nail. But the electric arc appears in discontinuity. You have to capture the moment when the electric arc disappears to pass the game.
        10. Knife: you can click the button to change its location. The corresponding knives with the same color will also change their locations too.
        11. Magic hat: candy can fall into another hat with the same color. It has the same function with those of the Christmas socks and transmitter.

        Don't be influenced by the similar games like Fruit Ninja. This game supports several multi-point touch screen. In this game, you have to cut off several ropes at the same time in order t make sure that the candy will fall in a straight line. In this way, you can get higher score.
        You need to be quick because it involves gravity to make the candy get to the right place for many passes. You need to make sure sometimes the food will move along the designated line. Thus what you need to do is to control the timing perfectly. In this way, you can break through the pass and get the perfect score.
        Generally speaking, the operation method of this game is very simple. Players need to cut the rope and get as many stars as possible. The ultimate end is let the candy fall into the mouth of the little monster.
        Players need to think about it because this games involves some knowledge about force.

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