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    Dark Tales: Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Game Review:

        At the beginning part of Dark Tales : Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug Collector's Edition, players will find that a masked man throw a sack into a little boat. There is an innocent man in this sack. So what players need to do is try try every means to rescue this man and find out the details of the whole story. And then they can track the case.
        The interestingness of this game lies in that the player need to collect different types of props and try to find new lead based on their own deduction.
        The classic story appears in this game again. You and your friend Dupin come the coastal area and try to help William locate a treasure lost thousand years ago.
        However, William is not the only person who has knowledge of this treasure. A masked man try to steal the code. There is also a masked woman involved in this game. By following the lead, you can find the treasure and destroy the bad person's plot at the help of the excellent Newfoundland dog with a keen sense of smell.

        Chapter 1: Mr. LeGrand
        Speak to the gentleman on the boat.
        Speak to the masked man.
        Take the BOATHOOK .
        Examine the hatch; take the BAG OF MILLET.
        Open the hatch; take the RED MECHANICAL BUG .
        Examine the opening on the pier .
        Use the BOATHOOK on the boat; open the chest and examine it .
        Use the brush on the sand .
        Take the cork off the glass container.
        Move the items on the upper left; place the tumbler in the bottom center slot.
        Select the left purple arrow; move the items and place the key half on the upper key half.
        Take the key and use it on the right lock; press the right arrow
        Slide the paper out to get the code for the center lock; 6-8-4 .
        Enter the code, 6-8-4 on the center lock; take the SHARP SHELL.
        Examine the sack; use the SHARP SHELL on the rope and take the PUPPY DOG .
        Take the YELLOW GECKO .
        Back out and go forward.
        Examine the dog; give the PUPPY DOG to it and take the GREEN MECHANICAL BUG .
        Examine the gate and place the RED MECHANICAL BUG and GREEN MECHANICAL BUG on it to trigger a puzzle .
        Lead the bug to its same colored slot.
        To solve the puzzle, select and move the bugs in this order: Red-right, up, left, green-up, left, down, left, up, red, right, up, right, down, right, up, right, up, left, green-left, down, left, up, red-right, and up .
        Go through the newly-opened gate.
        Examine the pigeon house and use the BAG OF MILLET on it; take the RED GECKO .
        Examine the doghouse and select the bowl; take the GREEN GECKO.
        Examine the drainpipe and move the leaf; take the CAN OPENER.
        Examine the front door and place the GREEN, RED, and YELLOW GECKO on it to trigger a puzzle.
        Uncurl all the gecko tails.
        To solve the puzzle, select the following geckos: Red, green, and pink. Select the center knob when complete.
        Enter the house.
        Speak to Mr. LeGrand.
        Examine the table; take the pencil.
        Use the CAN OPENER on the jar lid; take the PLIERS.
        Go through the door on the back left.
        Examine the window; take the HANDKERCHIEF.
        Use the PLIERS to get the BLOODY NAIL and take the RULER .
        Examine the fireplace; take the PARCHMENT .
        Examine the roll top desk and use the RULER on the lid.
        Examine the opened desk and place the PARCHMENT on it to trigger a puzzle.
        Clear the board by matching available pairs.
        Back out.
        Give the DECIPHERED PARCHMENT to Mr. LeGrand.
        Pet Arthur the dog and he will be added to your toolbar. He will be able to assist you in sniffing items in your inventory that have a paw print.

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