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    Delta Force - Black Hawk Down Game Review:

        Delta Force - Black Hawk Down is a documentary of the Delta Force. This game is adapted from the real war experience of American troops in Somali. In this game, players can use different types of American weapons. Besides, they can finish the tasks by fighting as a team.

        The first level: Marka Breakdow
        You can just follow the car and then shoot at the cars of those bandits on the both sides of the road. Note that you do not need to kill all the bandits. What you need to do is to get rid of the cars. Or you will be defeated. After finishing this, you can get out of your car and walk on foot. At this moment, there will be another bunch of bandits who try to attack you. So get them cleared and then climb into the helicopter to protect your car troops. You can just ignore your troops when you are attacking. You can win the game by eliminating all the bandits who are firing at your troops.
        Gist: search carefully and identify the enemy cars as fast as you can.
        The second level: Bandits Crossing
        This mission is needed to be carried our during the night, so remember to switch on the light vision goggles by pressing N. At first, you need to transport all the troops to the bank, and then you need to protect the populace and transfer them to the safe place. Next you can kill all of the bandits! After finishing this, the system will recommend to you to get to stop the bandits from passing over the bridge. Here is my way. First I hide myself at the end of the bridge, and then apply M21 to kill all of those bandits.
        It will prompt you to walk over the bridge after getting rid of two cars. At the other side of the bridge, you need to search for weapons and destroy enemies. There are three enemies on the roof. You can kill two of them from a distance. But do not kill the third one because he will be in need later. Next you need to get to the bottom of the room and apply 7 button to deploy the bomb and secretly put it on the one side of the box.
        You should be careful and do not be discerned by the third enemy on the roof. First fire at the bomb and then retreat to the other side of the bridge. Don't be hurry though, just stand for a while at the end of the bridge and let your teammates go first. In this way, you can serve as backup.
        At this moment, there will be a hell a lot of enemies rushing forward to you from the other mountainside if you already killed the third enemy on the roof. In this way, you will be too occupied. But if you do not, you can just sit on the bridge and patiently wait for the enemies to die under your .50.
        Next you can retreat to the bridge and deploy the bomb at the middle part of the bridge. After you getting to the other side of the bridge, you can just detonate the bomb by throwing a grenade at it. At last, the job is done.
        Gist: switch on the night vision goggles during the night; do not kill the third enemy on the roof; fully take advantage of .50 cal; you can detonate the bomb with a remote controller.
        The third level: River Raid
        first, you should transport the troops with the helicopter, and then you can break into the small town with your teammate, do not hurt the populace although some of them are throwing stones at you. You should just get to the warehouse by following the direction arrow. There are a lot of bandits in front of the warehouse. So there might be bandits appearing behind you when you are attacking the warehouse.
        Once get to the mine area, you can get off the car and walk along the stake. But do not touch the red ones. besides, you should know that there is crocodiles in the water. So you cannot be more careful. After this, you should meet with your teammate to attack the township port in front of you. But before this, you should replenish ammo and take care of your wounds. You can finish the task by getting rid of the ship full of weapons before it tries to fled.
        The fourth level: Gasoline Alley
        At the beginning, just drive the tank to the designated place. The enemies en route will be no threat to you. After getting to the designated place, you can drive close to a garage. At the same time, you need to be watch our for those enemies who just come out from nowhere. Sometimes, these enemies might be on the roof.
        Once you get into the garage, your squad will give you a hand. Next you together should kill all of the enemies. Suddenly, you hear the exhalation of your teammates to ask you to get out of the garage.
        And then there will be an enemy car flies into, it is better for you to hide in a chamber first because the car will explode itself in three seconds. At this moment, you and your partners can kill all of the enemies inside with a machinegun in this garage.
        Your troops will come and help you. So you can together kill all of the enemies just in five seconds. And then put the bomb under the machine gun and explode other three cars with the bombs left. After this, you will see that all of them are rushing to the outside. At this moment, you can break through the level by following suit and detonate the bomb.

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