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    Despicable Me: Minion Rush Game Review:

        Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a game adapted from the film entitled Despicable Me. This game is published by Gameloft. Yellow little Gru is rushing forward and trying to collect all of the bananas in the map. This is cannot be more familiar to most players-classic Parkour game! So you should not miss it.
        Gru is loyal. Besides, he likes the Minion who always talk about nonsense. Gru prepares to challenge the most powerful opponent in this game. In this game, players need to run fast and impress Gru by every means. In order to be the best Minion of the year, players need to jump, fly, dodge, collect bananas, do bad things and finally defeat the bad guy.

        You will find this game has a hidden exchange system if you have played this game for a long time. It is a kind of colored egg. As long as you are patient enough, you can get unexpected surprises. According to the relative combination, there are altogether more than 343 types of combinations. Does it sounds like something wonderful? Now let us check out the exchange method.
        Enter into the exchange system: enter into the main menu, and then click options. Next you will find there is a gift box on the upper right corner. Click it to start exchange.
        The code of the first Despicable Me. Win strength.
        Combination: firefighter, batman, and standard soldier.
        The second secret code. Win X5.
        Combination: soldiers in suit, small soldiers circled, one-eyed soldier.
        The third secret code: more strength.
        Combination: batman soldier, one-eyed soldier, and daddy soldier.
        The secret code of the fourth despicable me: win X5 banana skill.
        Combination: batman soldier, daddy soldier, and firefighter soldier.
        The combination of the fifth combination: firefighter, batman, standard soldier.
        There are altogether 20 different types of achievements in this game. They are very simple to grasp:
        Think before you jump: five laps, five coins;
        Despicable you: finish 20 despicable actions, five coins;
        Take opportunity: use soldier launcher 10 times, win 10 coins.
        Try again: relive 10 times, 10 coins;
        Rocket man: apply Gru's rocket for 50 times, 10 coins;
        Fluffy unicorn: mount on it for 50 times, 10 coins;
        Million soldier: turn into million soldier for 50 times, 10 coins;
        Keep forward: run 2000 meters, 10 coins;
        Banana: win more than 750 bananas, 10 coins;
        Defeat Victor: defeat Victor for the first time, 10 coins;
        Cookie cracker: defeat Minar for the first time, 10 coins;
        Do not touch this: win 25th challenge, win 15 coins;
        Challenger: pose 50 challenges, win 15 coins;
        Tiny soldiers: destroy 1000 barriers with freezing light, win 25 coins;
        Excellent performance: get 100 achievements, 25 coins;
        Irresistible: win 50 million despicable points, 25 coins;

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