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    Diaper Dash Game Review:

        Diaper Dash is the latest work brought to us by PlayFirst. This game needs your patience and a heart full of love to help Wilson take care of babies of this town.
        This game includes altogether five delicate situations. There are cute cartoon figures, lovely babies, chefs and OL with bad tempers.
        There are a lot of babies in this game. If you serve too slow and let them wait for too long, and then they will cry. But if you take good care of them, they will be happy when they see their parents.

        There is tutorial at the beginning of this game, which can guide players to adapt themselves to this game. This game is similar to other simulation games. Players need to repeat several steps again and again in order to accumulate scores. Besides, they need to move fast and arrange the proper colors. It is not hard for them to be an Expert.
        Look, our first customers is in the waiting area. That bottle over his head mean he is hungry. Let us pick him up and drop him in the chair.
        The pillow over his head means he is sleepy. Let us take him to the crib.
        Well, it was inevitable, time for our first diaper change. Let us take the baby to the diaper station to freshen up.
        But you should note that the diaper station can only hold three dirty diapers. So you need to clear all the dirty diapers up and throw them up to the garbage bin beside as soon as you serve for the three babies here. Otherwise you cannot change diaper for another baby here.
        You also need to pay attention to the icon over the head of each baby to figure out whether he is hungry or wants to play now. Otherwise, the baby will not be happy if you put it at the wrong place. The outcome is that you cannot get tips from the parent.
        You will find that there are many many babies while the game progress. So you need to buy more chairs and other props in the shop with the golden coins you earn. Besides, you can also hire a helper.
        You have to clean up the daycare center timely if you want to earn more tips. Parents won't be very happy if the daycare is messy when they arrive. So you should try to keep the daycare clean for bigger tips!
        The red flag beside the baby means you serve well. The five red stars over the head of the baby means he is very happy. For which, you will be rewarded with extra tips. Besides, you also need to get rid of those garbage timely for additional scores.
        After the leaving of all the babies, you need to do the cleaning work. You have to clean any remaining stations, bag up the diapers, and you will be done for the day.

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