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    Dirt Bike Maniacs Game Review:

        This is a bike mania-racing game. In this game, players can drive their own bike and have a competition with their components. Of course, it will be good for them to drive their bike as fast as they can. But there are a lot of road blocks on the racing track. So players need to hit them. After every level, the bikes can be repaired and refueled. In this way, they can fight another battle for you on the racing track. At last, you should know that the background music of this game is really magnificent. So it will be a pity for you to miss it!

        Strategy guide:
        WASD for aerial tricks. Arrows to steer. See, it is very easy to control this game.
        Ride your dirt bike fast and hit the jumps. Do combo aerial tricks to earn points and money. You'll need money to buy gas and new tricks. The faster you go, the higher you jump! Your goal is to have fun and get to the underground track. Avoid the kamikaze demon bikers.
        The key is to be concentrate enough. You need to stick to your goal. During your journey, you cannot be hit by your enemy for too many times. Or you will have to start the game all over again. Another point is that you need to feed your bike with fuel after every level. Or your car will stop in the middle of this game once it is out of fuel. Under this kind of circumstances, you have to play this game again.
        Do not press the relative buttons too hard. Or you will lose control to your bikes. If this is the case, it will be impossible for you to hit the targeted jump. Or if you are unlucky, it is likely that you will land on your enemy's demon bike. And if you do, you will be dead.
        Apply the aerial skills as many times as you can. In this way, you can make more money. And with this money, you can buy fuel or new tricks for yourself. It will be hard for you to defeat your opponent if you refuse to upgrade your skills regularly.
        But you should know that aerial skills can only be used in the air. First you need to hit the jumps and control the direction. You need to call upon relative aerial tricks as soon as you jump into the air. In this way, you can wipe out all of enemy bikes in your way. It will be useless for you to apply aerial kills on the ground.
        Another point is that your fuel will be consumed a little every time you jump into the air. So you need to pay attention to the amount of the fuel left during the game. Besides, you also need to observe your damage conditions. Maybe the only drawback of this game is that the bike cannot be recharged with fuel in the middle of the game.
        At last, you should drive your bike as fast as you can. In this way, your bike will not be damaged in a drastic way even if you are hit by the opponent bike. Besides, it will be difficult for your opponent to hit you once you are driving very fast.

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