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    Disney's Bolt Game Review:

        Brief Introduction
        This game is adapted from the film Bolt. It is a cellphone game. The main character of this game Bolt who has to go through many hardships everyday in order to provide the audience with wonderful shows, which is a kind of adventuring experience. He has to continue to play until the camera is removed. But in reality, he is nothing but an ordinary dog. He has not any of superpower presented in the game. But when this popular dog falls off from the boat from Hollywood to New York by accident, it begins his great adventuring experience. He travels among different real countries.
        During his adventuring journey, Bolt fantasizes that all of his superpowers are real. But afterwards, two of his indecent friends Mittens and Rhino are discarded like rubbish by their masters. And at the help of these two friends, he understands that he can become a true hero without all of the past superpowers.
        As a game adapted from film. This is not an empty game. It is based on different stories. The beginning part of this game does not introduce too much things. The vivid game pictures coupled with sound background music makes this game very popular. Although the original film and the story involved in this game are not closely related. But this game is of spectacular animation effect and different kinds of game factors. Nearly all of players are looking forward to it.
        This is a work of entertaining function with Q style. But the quality of this game is of high standard with satisfactory scenario treatment, obvious smog effect, vivid lighting effect and delicate lines, etc. The picture of this game featuring typical Disney style. It can not be much more familiar to you if you eve see The Incredible. The European cartoon image is fully explained in this game with the combination of bright colors and reserved background color.
        In terms of the dynamic effect of this game. It can be named as the best skill of the Disney. The characters are vivid with different kinds of humorous facial expressions. The fighting pictures are also very vivid, which heritages the essence of the original film. The most fantastic thing is that the fighting scenes involved in this game are presented with slow and fast speed. In this way, the picture effect is of higher quality. To our surprise, the picture of this game has both destruction and attraction.

        Game strategies:
        Operation methods: ←→ control the little dog to move
        Z attack
        X jump
        Level Select
        Press Right, Up, Left, Right, Up, Right.
        Unlimited Enhanced Vision
        Press Left, Right, Up, Down.
        Unlimited Gas Mines
        Press Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Right.
        Unlimited Ground Pound
        Press Right, Up, Right, Up, Left, Down.
        Unlimited Invulnerability
        Press Down(2), Up, Left.
        Unlimited Laser Eyes
        Press Left(2), Up, Right.
        Unlimited Stealth Camo
        Press Left, Down(3).
        Unlimited SuperBark
        Press Right, Left(2), Up, Down, Up.

        PS:composite key is the direction key
        PS2: the number represents the key pressing times
        PS3: Press ESC to activate, and then choose the cheating item in the Cheats menu

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