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    Doodle Jump Game Review:

        Doodle Jump is an interesting game about skills. In this game, players need to make this graffiti spring little Monster keep jumping up and down. During this process, players need to watch out for the broken platform, blue moving platform, black hole, unidentified flying object and bad guys. Besides, there are also rapidly rising rockets and bamboo dragonfly. Anyway, it is really interesting to play this game.
        Spring: It is the most common prop on the platform. But it will be hard to avoid the dangers overhead by applying the spring.
        Bamboo dragonfly hat: This is a flying device. It will prop up randomly on the stage. If the character touches the stage with a bamboo dragonfly hat on it, and then this character can fly over the bamboo dragonfly hat at an average speed within four seconds.
        Rocket: This is a fast flying device. It will also appear randomly on the stage. If the character touches the stage with a rocket on it, this character can level up within four seconds at a fast speed.
        Little monster: This kind of monster is not very big. Usually they are floating in the air. Within a small range, they are wagging from side to side. Once the character touches any monster, it is Game Over.
        1. Avoid: The character can directly jump over or avoid this small monster.
        2. Kill: Just press the shooting button to kill it. The character can kill it by one strike.
        3. Stamp it to the ground, and bounce the character to a certain height. (sometimes there are groups of monsters fro player to stamp)
        Big monster: It is huge in figure. Usually, it is floating in the air. Within a wider range, it keeps wagging from side to side. Once touch the big monster, it means Game over.
        1. Avoid: The way is the same to the above. But this way is not suggested because this monster is huge. Thus it will be hard for players to bypass it.
        2. Kill: This is the recommended method. You can press the shotting button and kill it with two or three bullets.
        3. Stamp it to drop down and bounce yourself to a certain height.
        Flying saucer: similar to the big monster
        Solutions: similar to that used to deal with big monster
        Black hole: It is of medium size. Usually, it is also floating in the air and not wagging. Once get touched with a black hole, the character will be sucked into it. The game will end.
        Solution: You can only avoid or bypass the black hole.

        In this game, players need to control the character jumping onto the stage and fire the monster or stamp onto the monster. Besides, players need to make the graffiti spring monster keep jumping up and down. Watch out for broken platform, moving blue platform, black hole, unidentified object and bad guys.
        There are platforms of different colors in this game. In the ordinary version, the green platform is fixed. The brown platform will be broken once the character stamps onto it. The blue platform can move to the left and right. The white platform will disappear once players stamp onto it.
        Sometimes, there will be a monster or a black hole over your head. You need to avoid the black hole or it will suck you into it. You should try to avoid the monster either, or it will kill you.
        UFO will also disappear in this game. It can also suck you into it. Press A, S, D or click the screen to fire bullets form different directions to take care of those monsters or UFO. Do not stamp onto the platform before killing the monster. If you do this, which is suicide. The right practice is to knock upward into the monster. Players will also be dead once stamp any monster or UFO.
        Players can also get spring boots, bamboo dragonfly, and rocket, etc. They can rise up quickly. But the same problem with trampoline comes. They can not react quickly enough.
        This game tests players' operation and reaction ability. If you want to earn higher score, you need to be highly concentrate and control the character to move, attack or avoid. Respond quickly and properly make use of platforms with different functions.
        Besides, some difficult levels have many things in common. So you should practice more to enhance your score.
        The player will be invincible by applying flying props in front of monsters. But there is no other way for them to deal with black hole and UFO except for avoiding.
        If it is involved with the gravity, players can lean their cell to one side, and then the monster will rush to the other side. So players can apply this method when there is no platform on one side while many platforms are located on the other side.
        Multiplayer mode
        In the latest version of this game, the system allows players to compete with each other. In the multiplayer mode, the first one who achieves 12000 scores is the winner. At the same time, there are some tricky problems for players to resolve.
        For example, if one player uses the spring prop, which will not be available for another player to use. The game will end once one of players drops down. The multiplayer mode is more interesting and exciting.

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