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Dora and Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter
Dora and Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter

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Supported Platform:

  • Nintendo DS

      This is a game designed for kid. This game can help you child to improve his or her ability to recognize different colors and shapes. Besides, this game will help your child know love better. He or she will show sympathy for the street animals when he or she becomes an adult. This is a good thing. Right? At the sam time, this game is good to your child's practical ability. He or she will know further how to take care of pet and how to finish this job. In the future, if you have a pet or now you have a pet in your house, and then your child will look after it in a perfect way. At last, this game itself is a positive oe. Thus it will make your child keep a good mood by keeping the pet in a good mood. This is the so-called virtuous circle. Thus don't worry about this game will bring negative effect for your child's development. Generally speaking, the sound track of this game is also very perfect. The characters are also very cute. Your child will definitely like them.