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    Dora and Kai-Lan's Pet Shelter Game Review:

        Dora likes pets very much. Thus she does not want to let many pets live on the street and be homeless. Out of this reason, she opens a pets shelter. In this way, she can take care of all kinds of pets! But the number of street pets is so huge. Dora is too busy to take care f all of them. Come and help her!
        Here is the pet shelter. You need to take care of pets by giving them delicious food and play with them. Now just do it! You should pay attention to the lights on the screen. Do not let all of them die out (note: you can restart the game by clicking replay or just refreshing the game).
        This game can help your child learn to recognize different colors and shaped and pets. Besides, this game can also help your child to improve his or her independent thinking ability and practical ability. So what are you waiting for´╝čCome and play this game with your child!

        You can take care of the pets by clicking mouse.
        1. your job is to keep the pets keep a good mood. At the same time, if there is a train coming, you have to draw your pet away, or it will be run over.
        2. There are altogether three options for you to look after your pet, including food, exercise and care. Thus when your pet feels hungry, you should give him food. When it feels sleepy, you should make him do exercise. When it feels unhappy or uncomfortable, you should comfort him.
        3. You have to fins by yourself how to use every prop. For example, if you choose cat as your pet, and then there will appear a yellow comb above this cat. You should pick up the yellow comb and then comb through the useless and untidy hair. You should pay attention to the time. If you comb through the whole cat, the cat will feel unhappy and you will lose. You should use the scissor with the designated color to cut toe nails for your cat. Otherwise, you will hurt your cat. The result is that she will cry and you will lose the game. You also need to pay attention to the color and the type of the clothes and hat that you are going to put onto the cat.
        4. If you choose the dog as the pet, and then you have to feed your dog with the biscuit. But you first have to pour it into the plate. Next you have to click the plate and put it in front of the dog. And then the dog will feel happier after eating biscuits. Next the dog want to have a shower, you need to spray bath foam all over it and then flush away the foam. The last thing is to give the dog the designated towel. Similarly, the color of the towel should not be ignored.
        5. if you choose the rabbit as your pet, she is very lovely, right? An then you need to clean up his residue on the ground. Next you should feed her with carrots. But when the rabbit want to drink water, you cannot just put the bottled water in front of her. She is not that clever. You have to pour the water into the water dispenser. And then click it, the rabbit will drink water by herself.
        Note: if you are not sure whether it is the right pace to click it when you put a certain kind of prop to a certain situation, and then you should recognize whether there is a red circle around it. If it is, and then you can just click it. Once the prop finishes its job, it will go back to its original place automatically.

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