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    Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Game Review:

        Game introduction
        The greedy king put all the crystals in the story. In order to help Dora and her friends take all kinds of colors into the reality world, beautiful butterflies,wonderful magic wand, giant flowers, and shining crystals all take part into this adventure. Let us get started!
        This game is targeted at kindergarten students. During the adventuring journey of this game, all kinds of help are available.

        Game strategy
        1. At the beginning, players should choose the easy mode.
        2. In order to collect every crystal, you should jump from the above to the bottom, from the left to the right. Besides, you have to jump high enough. Otherwise, you will fall off from the air.
        3. You should jump once more after you collect the crystal on the cloud. After standing hold, you can go and collect crystals on another cloud.
        4. Players should save the game in a timely way in order to continue this game the next time.
        5. It is very important to control the speed.

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