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    Dora the Explorer: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure Game Review:

        Game Introduction:
        In this game, players can help fox Swipers to collect stars and resolve problems. In this way, they can finish tasks rendered by Dora t them. This is a small game of Dora series, which is fit for children at school age, ow even children above three years. This game in mainly tests your children' practical ability and help your children to form a basic concept about color, pictures and numbers. Swipers was naughty and sly in the past. But this time he is brave and behave himself. Thus the object of this game is to help the fox to travel to different parts of the forest and collect stars of different colors as many as possible. Besides, you have to answer an riddle after breaking through a pass. At last, you have to find a scene. This is the case for every scene. Based on Flash, this game presents many bright cartoon characters with classic designing, including the Dora favored by many children and different kinds of animal characters. Different easy games contain independent picture. And the animation effect is perfect.
        The main character of this game is the fox. But this game includes many other characters, including the monkey Boots and other animals besides Dora. According to the storyline of this game, the fox gets lost and Dora determines to escort him to go home. Thus Dora climbs through high mountains, lakes and travels through terrible forest with the fox. On the way, you can collect small stars, toys and other wonderful rewards. But you should watch out for the cows, bats and tarantula hawk. The sound track o this game is very bight. There is also sound effect during the whole gaming process. The dub to the characters is also very impressive. Thus it is a good choice to practice your english listening skill. Entering into the game, and then input your name into the box after listening the instruction. Select the game mode and the difficult mode, next you can start the game.
        Dora the Explorer: Swiper's Big Adventure is a game which is also fit for adults to play. It is good to help children to improve their ability to recognize different colors, shapes, combinations an numbers. This game is also very helpful in terms of English teaching. As an enlightenment education software, this game combines education with entertainment with rich colors and different cartoon tastes. I believe you child will be into it.
        Tis game also can help parents have a good communication with their children or topic. Thus parents can further understand children' inner world. Parents can learn to think and resolve problems from the perspective of their child. In this way, they can lead their child in a right way. In the long run, they can lay a solid foundation for their children to think things and resolve problems in a reasonable way. In the meantime, this game is an enlightenment education software, the English pronunciation in it are standard. So they are very easy to remember for children. Thus as a parent, you should encourage your child to play this game. When you child is not familiar with or insensitive to the pronunciation of some word, you should guide him. This will be helpful in terms of improving your children' English standard. But when your children cannot find the specific star. You should not tell him the location of the star right away. You should look for it by yourself first. You should not tell him where is the star he looks for unless he is really helpless.

        Operation method:
        Mouse clicking

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