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    Dora the Explorer: Dora's Cooking Club Game Review:

        Game introduction:
        This is a simulation game released by European game producer. This game is fit for children to play because it can improve children's practical ability and organization ability. In the meantime, it can arouse children's interest in doing delicious food. Of course, all people appreciate delicious food, but not all of them are good at cooking. Besides, children are fast to learn things at a younger age. Thus this virtual game can help your kids to make much more delicious food in reality. Our lovely Dora will learn how to cook from her father. First, she has to decide what kind of food she wants to cook, and then she has to find relative material on the recipe. She will cook delicious food under the help of her father. So come and join her.
        This game can also help your children to recognize different colors and learn to use different cooking tools. Besides, your children will also understand the basic functions of these cooking tools. The most important thing is that if your children is interest into this game. You can have a good communication with your children. It will be fun for him or her if you teach them about how to cook instead of how to do homework. Thus he will share all of his or her opinion with you because this game is so exciting and your action is out of expectation for him or her.
        Thus, this game is fit for children to play. But it is better if parents can play with their kids. In the meantime, our little friends can invite his or her other friends to play this game together. So they can compete whose food is more delicious, more tempting and more fabulous..... In this way, kids will have a clear understanding about his own cooking standard, which will be easier for him to make progress. So, what are you waiting for? Let's make the delicious food together......

        Game strategy:
        Dora learns cooking method from her father: mouse operation. First, you should choose the food you want to cook and then find the relative seasonings.

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