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    Dots: A Game About Connecting Game Review:

        This is an entertainment game. In this game, players need to remove dots with the same color. Dots in this game are rich in color. Besides, they are much cleaner and bigger. In this way, players will not have visual fatigue.
        Players' good performance will be rewarded with special prize or gift. The most exciting thing is that there are different types of dots for players to purchase or unlock in this game, including dog dot, hamburger dot, business mom dot, miss dot and nerd dot and so on.

        1. It is simple to play this game. What players need to do is to remove the dots with the same color within 60 seconds. Of course, you can also compete with your friends in Twitter or Facebook. You can choose the basic moving mode when you first play this game. In this way, there is enough time for you to think about each step. Besides, you can also retreat any wrong step. Once you become a legitimate dots players, it is time for you to compete with other players online. Or you can invite one of your friends to have a dule.
        2. You can buy Power Ups with the dots you obtained. If you properly use those Power Ups, and then they can help you win more scores. So you should win as many as dots you can during each round. Of course, you can also buy them if you want to save your game time.
        3. There is a time limit. So you need to be patient and calm when you are playing this game. What you need to do is to remove more dots during the given time to win more scores. Besides, you can buy different types of dots at the very beginning of this game. But you can also choose to unlock them one by one.
        1. You need to connect at least two dots of like color to score points.
        2. Make a loop to remove all like-colored dots from the board and score massive points! Some of the best dots players use the expander at the start of the game to increase their chances of going on what they call a "square run".
        3. If you are missing only one dot at the top then making a square usually is possible by getting rid of one or two links at the bottom.
        4. Think ahead. If you are randomly removing links there getting a high score will be tough. You need to look 2 to 3 moves ahead.

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