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    Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Namco Bandai produces a new game recently. The official name of this game is Dragon Ball Ultimate Blast. This game will be promoted on platfrom PS3/Xbox 360 as of December 8, 2011.
        Players can apply drastic skills to make the ground surface twist. For example, the Impact Break skill can blow away the mountain and cut into the ground. Besides, there will be a fight between the champzee and SON GOKU. Players can not miss it.
        The angry effect of this game is much more vivid. The situations llok like real and the tasks are close to the original work. Besides, the facial expressional are of life. Many special effects are also glamorous(this game is adpated from the animation, so do not compare it with ME or BF. If you want to know the answer, and then I can tell you that Naruto Storm 2 is the best of the best because the fighting situations included in this game are very bravo. The fact is that you can see a person can be thrown out the hit the mountain in the opposite side.)
        Some unique skill can change the ground surface. For example, there will be a deep mark on the ground after SON GOKU applies the shocking wave. Vegeta can apply BIG BANG, which will leave a big pit on the ground. Some imperfect explosion effects are also updated in this work. What is more, the exploding effect of this game is really exciting. It is no more just screen turning into a blank. Some unique skill can destroy a planet by exploding.
        Main haracters
        Name: SON GOKU
        Hated person: bad guy
        Loved person: Qiqi, Gohan, SON GOTEN, Xiaofang
        Favourite food: cooked by Qiqi
        Turtle Qigong
        Unique skill
        Turtler qigong, ten times Turtler qigong, Genkidama, Kaiohken, Taiyoken, Kamehameha, fast moving
        Available forms:
        Super Saiyan 1,2,3,4
        Name: Sun Gohan
        Hated person: bad guy
        Loved person: Qiqi, Gokon, Goten, Xiaofang
        Favourite food: no particular food
        The new dragon ball comes into our sight. It takes a fully new look this time. So you will get new game experience. It will also give you a sense of pleasure to play this game. Of course, there is some drawbak to use a wholly new system. The following is the game strategy step by step.

        Strategy guide:
        1. In face of unique skill, players can choose “attack” “avoid” or “defense”. If you choose attack, and then you will be involved into the continuous fight with your enemy. The defeated one will get hurt. Avoid will consume your enegy but you will not get hurt. You will get hurt if you choose defense although the amount of the consumed energy is very little.
        2. Cell game
        During the several years after beating cell, the characters manufactured by the red ribbon occure. Z fighter are facing another serious challenge. The boy Trunks who comes from future changes everything. A monster named Cell comes from far far away. His purpose is to....
        The munufactured figure 17 and 18 will be useful now. But there occures a missing case in some city of the west. There are altogether 15000 people missing. A monster named Cell is there. His purpose is to absorb number 17 and 18 to become a complete.
        Number 17 underestimates its enemy. Thus it ia absorbed by the Cell. Afterwards, number 18 is also absorbed becauseVegeta fails. You can imagine the complete Cell is very powerful. Even SON GOKU can not defeat it. At last, Gohan becomes angry and reaches to the level of the Saiyan 2. But SON GOKU fails to persuade Gohan, which leads to the result that Cell tries to make a suicide explosion attempt and destroy the earth. Eventaully, the father and the son kill the Cell. But SON GOKU also loses his life in this fight.
        3. Freeza
        In the fighting with the Saiyan, Bic dies. So the dragon ball loses its power. The rescue measure is that they have to go to the hometown of the dragon ball Namekian. But Freeza also runs to there to grab the dragon ball as soon as she knows the news about the dragon ball. In this way, the fight in Namekian cannot be avoided.
        Vegeta improves her fighting power through participating in a lot of battles on earth. She destroies Dodoria, Sabo and other soldiers subordinate to Freeza. SON GOKU arrives at the fighting scene in time and kills this army.
        The dragon ball in Namekian is call upon timely. Bic also takes part in the fight after ressurecting. But it seems that all of them are too fragile in front of the powerful Freeza. Vegeta is killed at first ,and then Bic. Xiaolin is exploded into pieces by Freeza. So SON GOKUturns into angry completely at last and becomes the super Saiyan.

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