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Dragons: Rise of Berk
Dragons: Rise of Berk
Dragons: Rise of Berk

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System Requirements:
      This is a game of fun, wisdom and fun. The background of this game is Berk Island. Players need to repair the houses, expand their own territory and increase the number of the population by reasonable management of all kinds of resources. There are five main kinds of resources, including timber, fish, Vikings, coins and dragons.
      Timbers can be used for building the houses and the hall. The hall is the main building of this game because only by upgrading the level of the main hall, players can own the right to build more houses to contain more villagers. And the fish is the main food on this island. Like timber, fish is also a kind of consuming goods. Vikings need a large number of fishes for plowing the wasted land. And the dragons are the most important kind of resource in this game. Actually, the whole game is about raising the dragons, taming the dragons and building close relationship with dragons. In fact, there are more than one kind of dragons in this game. And these dragons are with different skills. Thus players need to turn to these dragons with different skills to provide resources for this island, except for the coins, or the whole island would be desolate. But the player also needs to feed these dragons with fish. And the timber will be needed at the dragon school to tame these dragons working for the villagers.
      Although all these tasks look like troublesome at first sight, it is a kind of human tendency to have an intimate pet, let alone a dragon. As long as the player successfully builds a close friendship between himself and the dragon, everything will be so wonderful. The dragon can do anything for his master with a sense of eternal loyalty!