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    Draw Something Free Game Review:

        Draw Something is a download free game. Players can play this game just by logging into relative website. This is an online casual game. Multiple players can join into this game at the same time. In this game, players can interact with other players. It is also very simple for players to handle this game. Thus many players find that this is an exciting, thrilling and interesting game.
        In this game, players can draw different types of things, including daily necessities, animals, plants, all kinds of toys and celebrities.
        Abstract things can also be drown out in this game. For example, it might be some famous work or a kind of new fashion thing, such as Gangnam Style. Have you ever thought about how to draw Gangnam style? Besides, you need to make sure that other players can recognize what you are drawing. Of course, you can write some words or numbers in order to help other players to find out the correct answer.

        The first step: apply for and go into a certain room. For the first time you enter into a room, you will see a series of numbers 1, 2, 3...... Each room can at most hold seven players. So if the house is full, you have no choice but to check out other rooms. Even if you are accepted to play in a certain room, you have to wait at first. So you had better choose room which lacks one or two players. The reason is that it will be more funny to play this game with many other players.
        The second step: find a chair and sit down. You will see a row of chairs under the screen. There is a blackboard in front of you. So you should find an empty chair and click it to sit down. But sometimes you will find out that you cannot sit down on a certain empty chair, which is because the owner of this chair is dawing something on the blackboard. So find another chair to seat yourself.
        The third step: guess. Now you need to guess what it is on the blackboard. It might be a name, an address, game name, the name of a certain place, cartoon figure, the name of a song, or animals, etc.
        What you need to note is that some numbers will be written on the left upper corner of the blackboard. Usually, these numbers are from one to five. Next circle one of numbers. This number represents how many words compose of the right answer.
        Next players will try to enter their right answers in the empty bar. The system will automatically select the right answer. Relative scores will be given to the first one who gets the right answer.
        The fourth step: draw and let your friends guess. OK, here comes a problem: when to walk to the blackboard and start drawing? Do not panic though, when the character that represents you walking to the blackboard, a word will appear on the blackboard, such as pepper. At the same time, you mouse arrow will turn into a pen. There are different types of colors available to you under the screen. So click the green color and begin to draw. By the way, you can choose pen with different types too. It is very simple to draw something.
        You can just click and hold the left mouse button and then draw any line you want. Release the button once you finish drawing. Besides, you can click and apply eraser anytime. X is used to clear clean the blackboard. There is a time limit. You so need to draw it out before the time is out.
        The fifth step: It is time to vote for you drawer. Don't throw eggs or flowers easily. Be fair! Do not blow whistle either...... Somebody will take revenge if you do so. And if somebody gets too many eggs, he will be suspended from drawing for now.

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