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    Drawn: Dark Flight Collector's Edition Game Review:

        Drawn: Dark Flight is the second work of the same series, which is developed by Big Fish. This is a traditional simulation game.
        In the first work, the player came across a giant and nameless character in a magical fortress and got involved into a task of rescuing the princess whose name is Iris who had power to foresee the future.
        Iris was locked into a room at the top pf the tower, which was to protect her because a vicious king was hunting her and tried to kill the last member of the royal family. Every member of the Iris family had the power to foresee the future, which is the exact reason why there were very popular once.
        But the devil king came form another continent killed all people around Iris. She was the only person that survived. The unfortunate thing is that the devil king conquered the puzzles' world. All of these puzzles are scattered here and there in Iris pictures and in many high towers with a lot of secrets behind them.
        In this work, players will explore the original towns and cities and help Iris light up the mysterious torch so as to help her defeat the devil king.

        Click on OPTIONS in the main menu to adjust music, sound, custom cursor, screen size and brightness.
        Click on EXTRAS to view the credits, access the forum, the Collector Edition version of the game and its predecessor.
        Open the CHANGE LANGUAGE tab to play the game in any of the 10 languages offered.
        Choose Casual or Experienced Mode at the beginning of the game. In Experienced Mode you will not have to view the tutorial.
        You can click on the "ESC" key on your keyboard to skip the story.
        Read the letters and notes found throughout the game, they will give you information regarding gameplay and storyline.
        Click on the lock icon in the lower right to manage your inventory tray. When it is in the locked position your inventory tray will remain visible.
        If you decide to unlock it, the inventory tray will become visible once you mouse over it with your cursor.
        The sketches in your inventory can be used to unlock certain areas within the paintings.
        The MENU tab will take you to the options, help and main menu. You can also quit or resume the game from this tab.
        Inventory items are stored in the bottom tray. Use the arrows on either side of the inventory tray to scroll through all available items.
        The hand cursor allows you to pick up inventory items.
        The HELP tab gives you instructions on using the hint system, cursors, and navigation arrows.
        Place inventory items in parts of the scene in which a jigsaw piece appears.
        A magnifying glass icon allows you to zoom into certain areas or pick up inventory items.
        Some inventory items will be used right away and others will be used much later in the game.
        Click on Franklin portrait in the lower left side and then on the objective you need help with. Franklin will give you hints as to what you need to do next.
        There are several tips for each objective, so if the first tip does not help, click on Franklin again to receive the next clue.
        Chapter 1: Underground
        Grab the SKETCH OF ROPE.
        Zoom into the red cloth; take SILVER NOTE.
        Take the LARGE STONE in the lower right.
        Read the NOTE in the lower left.
        Place the SKETCH OF ROPE on the rope piece in the ceiling; click on the rope to go up.
        Click on Franklin in the lower left.
        Zoom into the chest in the lower left; take the ORANGE SKETCH, SILVER NOTE 2/10 and the LEVER.
        Look at the BRIDGE SKETCH in the lower right. You need a brush to complete the sketch.
        Go down the chas and proceed forward.
        Place the LEVER on the mechanism.
        Click on the lever to open the left lion mouth and eye.
        Place the LARGE STONE in the left lion mouth before it closes to hold it open.
        Zoom into the lion mouth; take SILVER NOTE and the PAPER PHOENIX.
        Click on the lever again to open the lion eye; take the REFLECTIVE DISK .
        Click down.
        Place the REFLECTIVE DISK on the small cliff. This action will light up the hall ahead.
        Grab the first PAPER FLAME that fell on the ground.
        Go forward.
        Take the PAPER FLAME on the ground.
        Proceed forward.
        Take the third PAPER FLAME on the ground.
        Grab the DRY BRUSH on left.
        Take the fourth SILVER NOTE in upper left.
        Zoom into the book in the lower left; take the PAPER SCRAP. You can click on the arrows on the side of the book to read the rest of the story.

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