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    Enchantia: Wrath of the Phoenix Queen Collector's Edition Game Review:

        Enchantia:Wrach of the Phoenix Queen is produced by Blue Tea Games. This game will give players a kind of different game experience through its exquisite graphics and the main character's exciting exploring experience.
        The game tells such a story that the phoenix queen who has been prisoned for 500 hundred years comes to the magic land to realize her ambition. She plans to burn everything into dust starting from the midnight forest.
        She targets you as her first enemy. Under the protection of your teacher, you can successfully evade the tragedy. But during your first time of exploration, can you defeat the phoenix queen under her threats? Then start your exploration journey and find the answer starting from this midnight forest in this fairytale world.
        In this game, players need to find out many articles or objects instead of words. During this adventuring journey, there are also many puzzles included. These small games are not very difficult to conquer, but which is also a kind of test to players' intelligence.
        But all these magic games are really attracting. The miniature of the whole game scene is really fantastic.

        1. Casual mode: hint button recharges quicker, sparkles illuminate areas and items of interest; puzzles are skippable after a short time.
        2. Normal mode: hint button recharges at a normal rate. Sparkles occasionally illuminate areas of interest. Puzzles are skippable after a limited time.
        3. Hint button is inactive; sparkles are inactive; puzzles cannot be skipped;
        Act I: Peril in midnight forest
        Take the twig;
        Look at the pedestal and take the gold;
        Walk on the left path through the trees;
        Tale to the phoenix queen;
        Look at the tree and take an apple;
        Take the compass;
        Select the statue for HOS;
        Locate all the fragments;
        You will earn the lion knob;
        Walk down. After the barricade is blown up, go right on the wooden bridge.
        Take the solvent;
        Take the empty jar;
        Use the twig on the camp fire to make the burning twig;
        Walk down, then go to the left;
        Talk to the archer;
        Use the empty jar on the waterfall to get the jar with water;
        Look at the door and place the elemental artifact in the center;
        Brush the dirt in the top symbol;
        Use the burning twig on the lower right symbol;
        Use the jar with water on the lower left symbol;
        Enter the door.
        Act II: The Mysterious Eleven Memorials
        Take the silver ax;
        Take the OIL can;
        Look at the pedestal and take the bronze horse figurine;
        Enter the right door;
        Look at the monument;
        Look at the pedestal, place the apple on the right, then took the curative herb;
        Note the mini-game;
        Select the statue for a HOS;
        Locate all the fragments;
        You will earn the silver spear;
        Select the mini-games.
        Trap the bunny by surrounding it with barriers, select any empty space to place a barrier;
        You only have four barriers to place. Once you have placed 4, selecting a 5th spot will remove the 1st one you placed;
        Take the twig knob once the panel opens;
        Walk down twice;
        Give the curative herb to the archer;
        Continue talking to the archer and he will give you the iron horse figurine;

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