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    Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Game Review:

        In this game. The smith ClarenceFlatt will turn to you for you help and provide you with an opportunity to explore the legendary timeless tower! The unbelievable thing is that there is something wrong with the clock, and only you can fix it.

        General Tips
        To access the game, click the Play Button in the Main Menu.
        To manage your profiles, click the Player Button.
        The Option Button allows you to adjust screen size and volume.
        The Help Button gives you brief information about playing the game.
        You will receive an Engraved Clock Piece at the end of each Hidden Object level.
        Open the Ageless Clock in the lower right to place your clock pieces.
        Click on the sides of each portrait; read the clue given, and place the appropriate pieces in the slots.
        If you don't have enough clock pieces, or you don't have the right ones, you'll need to keep exploring until you do.
        In Hidden Object Scenes, you'll have to match the picture in your inventory with an item in the scene.
        Select an item from your tray and drag it over the items in the scene to see their descriptions. The names of the items will not be visible unless you have an item attached to your cursor.
        More than one item with the same color means that several items will be used in the same spot and must be used in order.
        There are two E Cards in every Hidden Object Scene and one on each new floor.
        The Hint Meter in the lower left helps you locate hidden items. Hints are unlimited, but must recharge between uses. E Cards recharge the meter instantly.
        Drag an inventory item to the Hint Meter to see where that item belongs.
        Cards can be of different colors and sizes; some blend in well with the background, look carefully!
        Approach the tower. Place the EMERALD GEM on the right deer; the bases below both deer will open.
        Pick up the TOWER EMBLEM below the RIGHT DEER.
        Pick up the 3 E CARDS below the LEFT DEER.
        Place the TOWER EMBLEM in the center of the gate and go inside.
        Floor One
        Pick up the SLEDGEHAMMER next to the CLOCK.
        Go left.
        Pick up the OWL WINGS on the left side of the back wall; place them on the OWL.
        Click on the sparkly clock on left to play the Mayan Jungle, 300 BC scene.
        Place the STONE MASK on the FACELESS STATUE.
        Give the JAR WITH WATER and then the BIG BANANAS to the GORILLA in the lower left.
        Place the MACHETE on the THICK BRIARS in the center.
        Place the ROUND MYTHICAL EMBLEM in the ROUND SLOT.
        Give the NOCTURNAL SLEEP MASK to the SLEEPY OWL.
        Place the SNAKE EYE GEM on the BLIND SNAKE STATUE in the center.
        Place the JUNGLE SPIDER on the EMPTY WEB.
        The DURABLE VAULT CLOCK PIECE will be added to the Ageless Clock.
        Pick up the HARDCOVER BOOK in the upper left.
        Zoom into the BOOKCASE and place the HARDCOVER BOOK in the empty slot.
        Click the case to move it aside, revealing a hidden compartment. Click that compartment to trigger a puzzle.
        Click the Cloud, Tree, Rain, and Lightning to complete the Don't Get Electrocuted Puzzle.
        Go through the opening after the puzzle is solved.
        Pick up the GOLD PENDULUM on the RIGHT CLOCK.
        Break the LARGE CRYSTAL with the SLEDGEHAMMER.
        Play the Forbidden City, 1650 AD scene.
        The LANTERN SYMBOL belongs on the BLANK RED LANTERN.
        Place the CHINESE BRUSH on the blank scroll in the upper center and a horse painting will appear.
        Place the PAINTED WARRIOR on the HORSE PAINTING.
        Place the LION'S PAW on the BROKEN STONE LION.
        Put the GOLDEN KEY on the GOLDEN LOCK, on the left window.
        Place the EMPEROR'S FLAG on the FLAG POLE outside the window.
        You will receive the RUSTY GATE CLOCK PIECE.
        Click down twice. Place the GOLD PENDULUM on the clock to trigger the Medieval Castle, 450 AD.
        The WOODEN COMB belongs on the FRIZZLED-HAIR PRINCESS in the upper left window.
        The IRON GREAVE belongs on the BARE-LEGGED KNIGHT.
        Place the BIRD HELMET on the SOLDIER BIRD.
        Place the FARMER'S HAT on the LAZY FARMER.
        Place the STONE WINGS on the STONE EAGLE.
        Place the STURDY AXE on the UN-CHOPPED WOOD in the lower right.
        Place the ROYAL GEM on the INCOMPLETE CROWN.
        You will receive the MARBLE ORNATE DOOR PIECE.
        Open the Ageless Clock.
        Place the RUSTY GATE PIECE in the left slot.
        Place the MARBLE ORNATE DOOR PIECE in the right slot.
        Place the DURABLE VAULT PIECE in the bottom slot.
        Pick up the ENLIGHTENUS KEY in the center.
        Go outside to the portal. Place the ENLIGHTENUS KEY on the clock in the back of the scene and enter the Enlightenus World .
        Click on the sparkly area in the lower left.
        Click on the E CARD and read the letter from Clarence Flatt.
        Go forward and take a closer look at the painting on the left.
        Pick up the YEAR 1935 KEY and use it to unlock the door above the steps.
        receive the MOUSE CLOCK PIECE.

        Return to the Enlightenus II: The Timeless Tower Game.