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    Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Game Review:

        Brief introduction:
        Similar to its predecessors, this game is a jump action game on 2D platform. The evil witch comes back again to the illusive city where Micky lives. But this time she lands on a deserted land because now she is a villain who is nearly forgotten by everyone anyway. In order to run away, Mizrabel captures some new Micky in her castle to steal their cartoon power. Micky rushes to the deserted land to save these new Mickies as soon as he get SOS from Oswald.
        This work draws on the console version of the classic Mickey in terms of the painting idea, and which will be converted to touch-based way of painting. After experiencing the classic Disney scenes, players need to solve a lot of writing-based puzzles. Besides, they have to try to rescue more companions who are trapped by the enemy. Each grade version of the Disney animated film has a benchmark, including "Sleeping Beauty," "Peter Pan," "Rapunzel." Mickey's . In "Snow White", the main villains is a witch. Donald Duck, Walt Disney, Minnie also appear in this game starting from the Disney World era.

        Players will need touch pen to perform many actions in this game. First players should touch props and then they will vividly show themselves in front of players as long as the players draw out the shape of the object, such as cliffs cannon and suspended platform. Players portray skills will largely determine the degree of difficulty of the game. If the player is able to depict the cannon without error, and then your enemy will be dead. But if the player messed up, and then all characters involved in this pass will need to suffer from it. Except for the drawing, sometimes players need to wipe off some objects to complete the puzzle.
        Once player finds a hostage taken by Mizrabel, he can transfer it to the fortress managed by Oswald. Players can visit every rescuer and help them them by accepting some tasks from them. Usually, players need to exchange things with other characters or reexplore the already finished passes in order to help them find their friends. Some specific characters can open shops to sell some props used for skill upgrading. Some sob-branch tasks are very simple. What players need to do is to read instruction first and then go to another place. Next you read some instruction to finish your task. It is really exciting to enjoy the interactive actions between different characters.
        Three hearts of blood will be deducted once players get a blow from their enemy. But if they are hit by the nail plate, and then one heart and a half blood will be charged of. Players can restore their blood by knocking down their enemies, but only half a heart blood for once. once the amount of the blood down to a certain extent, it will be difficult for players to go on this game.
        Players can apply different ways to kill their enemy, including the traditional ways like jump and kick to kill and fire out energy bombs. The problem is that players need to note the number of strikes which their enemy can tolerate. Usually, players need to attack their enemy for six times to kill it and get upgrade.

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