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    Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Review:

        Compared with Euro Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator 2 pays more attention to the actuality of the game. In this game, players can design the exhaust effect of their truck. Besides, the journey is very long, covering more than 60 European cities. As for the simulation, players can build their own truck related business after finishing delivering mission. They can purchase their own garage, hire their own drivers and build their own company.
        The main task of players is to deliver cargoes. At the same time, they need to rest and refuel during their journey. So it is a very classic simulation game.

        Strategy guide:
        P --- wiper
        Space --- handbrake
        B --- mechanical brakes
        E --- ignition, switch off (you will need it for refueling or resting)
        [Left turn] right turn
        Large keyboard 12345678 to change visual perspectives.
        H --- Speaker
        L --- dashboard / low beam
        K --- on / off beam
        J --- flashing headlights
        O --- Strobe
        M --- small map.
        F1 --- navigator dialog
        F2 --- Mirror
        F4 --- lighting control
        F6 --- Cargo Information (including cargo name, arrival time and remaining rest time, etc.)
        F7 --- vehicle damage and damage to the goods information
        F8 --- Information
        F10 --- screen shots
        T --- open the container.
        Shift --- upshift
        Ctrl --- downshift generally defaults to automatic gearbox
        F --- Dual Flash
        [--- Turn left lights
        ] --- Turn right at lights
        Steering wheel setting method: ( If there is installed driver, please select the driver information; if there is not, please select USB). Open the game, choose the middle OPTIONS,
        You can adjust the system according to your own preferences. After getting into Steering Axis, click choices behind it, and then turning steering wheel until appearing Y or X.
        Another point is the Acceleration Axis. You should click the choices behind it, and then press the brake. Next click CLOSE. But do not touch DL, which is used to restore defaults. At last, you can click New game to begin.
        Delivery method: drive the tractor to a place where there is a arrow pointing downward. And then select delivery section by pressing Enter.
        If you do not know where to transport them to, don't worry, you should just press ESC. The red circle is your destination.
        You should rest more and refuel more during your journey. I do not need to say too much about refueling. First, you need to switch off the truck and then press Enter for refueling. There is break point at each gas station. Do not be too tired.
        There are a lot of players do not know how to change money in the European Truck Simulator 2. Today I will help you resolve this problem. The following is about the way to change the money in the European Truck Simulator 2. Players can take this as a reference.
        The way to change the money in the European Truck Simulator 2:
        1. Find out my file- Euro Truck Simulator -save file
        2. Open the file game.sii with your Notpad.
        3. Find the following phrase   bank : _nameless.0325.BAC8
        4. 5200 is the amount of money you should change. My suggestion is to change this number into 400000. In this way, you can buy passports to all of the countries and all the cargo delivery permits. Besides, you can purchase all kinds of tractor heads.
        1. But if you want other types of car heads, including Buses and Jie Fang trucks, you can put the already downloaded scs file into my file - Euro Truck Simulator -mod.
        2. But there is not a file such as game.sii at the very beginning. So you need to start the game first and then buy the car head. Next press ESC to save the game. At last, you can quit and make relative modifications.

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