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    Exorcist Game Review:

        Exorcist is a combination of PUZ and VAG. This is a traditional hidden-object game with a good atmosphere. Can you rescue the girl whose soul is possessed by the ghost and can you lift the curse behind the secret?
        Evil things are entangled with each other in the soul arena. Your former mentor was tempted by the demon and eventually lost his life. So you need to unveil the secret of the mansion but stay with the light! Can you save the world and your own soul under the evil claws and eternal darkness´╝č

        General Tips
        Click the options menu to adjust the different sound volumes, toggle full screen, or mute all sounds.
        You can change players by clicking on your username in the top left corner of the screen.
        To the right of the hint button is the list of hidden objects you are looking for. This space also gives you objectives if there are no more hidden objects to find or things to do in an area.
        At the bottom of your screen will always be the hint button on the left, it recharges slowly as you play.
        To the right of that is a list of your locations and the letter or tarot card pieces that you are searching for in the current scene.
        One is your normal cursor. If you click too many times it will start to spin.
        At the very right is your inventory. When you click your inventory bag only the things important to what you are doing at the moment are shown.
        Next is the action cursor for when you can open something or use an item on it.
        Next is the look more closely cursor, sparkles that you will see when there is a hidden object hotspot.
        Last on the right is the move cursor that shows you that you can go to another location.
        Throughout the game you will need to find hidden objects by name and then after that search for a smaller number of objects by image only.
        The second group of objects is always inventory items that you need to use to solve the various puzzles in the game.
        Hints recharge very slowly, so only use them when you are sure that you are stuck.
        Scene 1: Dangerous Game
        Collect the BOARD. The BOARD will go into the inventory in the bottom right corner.
        Open the inventory and use the BOARD to the rock.
        Collect the lizard that was under the rock.
        Collect the LADDER. Set the LADDER to the wall.
        Click on the chimney to zoom in. Find the spider on the spider web.
        Find other hidden objects listed at the bottom of the screen, in any order.
        The hidden objects are randomized and may be different in your play-through.
        After finding all of the hidden objects, click on the demon.
        Find inventory items in the image.
        Open the inventory in the bottom right corner.
        In order to repair the well, place the WHEEL, CHAIN and the BUCKET.
        When you drag a correct item, you will see the specific position with blue highlight where you should place.
        Drag the GLASS to the BUCKET with water.
        Click on the entrance at the house to move next scene.
        Find the PENCIL and use it to the paper on the wall to collect the number of 13.
        Collect the DOOR KNOB and use it to open the shelf .
        Find the PLIERS and use it to collect the nail .
        The hidden objects are randomized and may be different in your play-through.
        After finding all of the objects, click on the demon.
        Collect the PIECE OF PAINTING and other items in the image.
        You can collect the piece of Mephisto's letter now if you want. You will need it later.
        After finding all pieces of the PAINTING, collect it. There is the KEY behind the painting.
        Use the OIL CAN from the inventory to the chest. Open the chest with the KEY.
        Click inside the chest to start the puzzle.
        You need to click the nine circles to rotate the tiles until the image is arranged correctly in order to solve this puzzle.
        To finish the puzzle, complete the top side first and then try to finish the bottom side.
        Click the upper left hand circle 3 times, the bottom left 3 times and the bottom right 3 times to complete the puzzle.
        Collect the CROSS in the chest.
        In the inventory, combine the WATER and the CROSS to make HOLY WATER.
        Click on the bottom of the screen to exit this room.
        Click on the graves in the upper left corner of the screen.
        Use the HOLY WATER to extinguish the fire.
        Find the hidden objects listed at the bottom of the screen, in any order, circled in green in the image.
        The hidden objects in this scene are not randomized.
        Find 17 letters listed at the bottom of the screen, in any order.
        Pick up the piece of Mephito's letter on the ground.

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