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    Extreme Street Racer Game Review:

        Extreme Street Racer is an excellent arcade game. In this game. Every player can own a fashionable and advanced car. In order to become a better car racer, players need to participate into more games. They will be the new champions once they surpass other players. Since the release of this game, which has attracted many players. Besides, players will be rewarded with car components or a new car depending on their performance.

        Strategy guide:
        ↓: move backward
        →: move to the right
        ↑: move upward
        ←: move to the left
        Ctrl: brake
        A: accelerator
        Z: decelerator
        Actually, the operation method of this game is very traditional. So it will be very easy for players to drive and control the car. But it will be a little bit difficult for players to control the car when it turns. So you need to brake beforehand in case you will wipe out pedestrians, dustbins or other roadblocks.
        At the beginning of this game, you can choose your favourite car. The cars in this game are with different styles and shapes. So select the best one for you.
        And then you can choose the car racing mode. There are two modes altogether: single player mode and multiplayer mode. My suggestion is to choose the single player mode if you are not familiar with the car racing game. In this way, you can have a basic understanding about the racing tracks and your new car first. Of course, you can choose multiplayer mode. But the multiplayer mode is more challenging than the singer player mode. After several rounds of games, you will be rewarded with car components or a new car depending on your performance. Remember to upgrade your car since you are given with better components. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to defeat your opponent.
        If you are not familiar with this game, you should not apply the hand brake. Or your car will be out of control. The reason is that you might knock down pedestrians, electric poles or other cars.
        The outcome is that your car will smoke. But if the damage is very great, and then your car will be destroyed. So you need to start the game all over again. So the right way is to decelerate beforehand when you see a turning in front of you. And then press the relative direction arrow when you reach to the turning. In this way, you can turn successfully. After this, you can keep running at a fast speed.
        The reward given to you depends on your performance. So you need to drive your car both in a steady and fast way.
        Or your car will be out of control and keep spinning at the same position. As we all know, it will be easy for us to drive the car at a fast speed. But it will be not easy for players to drive your car in a steady way.
        Now here is a trick for you: press the opposite direction arrow then you are turning. In this way, you car will not go wild. Once turns around successfully, you can run at full speed again. There will be more turnings for you later, so you need to concentrate. The reason is that it will be hard for you to keep pace with your opponent once you loose control to your car.

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