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    F-16 Multirole Fighter Game Review:

        This is a classic flying and shooting game, which is worth to give a shot. Besides, you should know that the designing of F16 fighting airplanes in this game are based on real American F16. So if you are a military fan, you will not miss it.
        During this game, players can drive this airplane and fly hight in the sky. Besides, they will fight against enemy airplanes. The graphics of this game are exquisite. At the same time, the game scenes are located in different places, including grassland, desert, glacier and snow mountain. Whichever location it is, the game experience is definitely fantastic.

        The game is not very difficult too handle because its size is not very big. What you need to do is to control this airplane effectively to deal with your enemies. To achieve this goal, you need to have a clear understanding about the functions of this plane. Besides, you need to react quickly. The keyboard operation table is as follows. With this, you will be invincible.
        Keyboard Operation Table
        F1: Cockpit perspective
        F2: POV perspective
        F3: Rear-end perspective
        F5: Wingman Perspective
        F7: Missile perspective
        F8: Target perspective
        F9: External perspective
        F10: Open or close head-up display
        Keypad 1: Throttle System Perspective
        Keypad 4: Defense Perspective
        Keypad 5: Missile Systems Perspective
        Keypad 6: Attack Systems Perspective
        Keypad 7: Flight status display systems perspective
        Keypad 8: Head up display instrument systems perspective
        Keypad 9: Artificial horizon systems perspective
        L: Forced balance
        F: Drop or retract flaps
        G: Drop or retract the landing gear
        R: Turn on or off the radar
        TAB: The next radar target
        CTRL + TAB: The last radar target
        PAGE UP: The next radar mode
        INSERT: The last radar mode
        Y: Recently received messages
        DEL: Turn left
        PAGE DOWN: Turn right
        M: Tactical situation display
        9: cruising throttle
        8: landing throttle
        7: the nearest throttle
        6: turn off the engine
        SHIFT +9: Open all left engine afterburner
        SHIFT +6: Close the left engine
        SHIFT + +: Increase the left engine throttle to
        CTRL +9: Open all the right engine afterburner
        CTRL +6: Close the right engine
        CTRL + +: Increase the right engine throttle
        CTRL + E: Catapult
        HOME: Open the parachute
        H: fly back to the base
        /: Brightening head-up display apparatus
        .: Reduce the color of head-up display apparatus
        Keypad +: Look backward
        Keypad -: looking ahead
        Keypad /: looking left
        Keypad *: looking to the right
        Z: cannon fire
        SPACE: Launch the current weapon
        D: Fireball flares
        CTRL + K: Discard the current weapon
        3: The next-air missiles
        4: The next ground missiles
        5: the next bomb
        2: Select cannon
        1: Select Weapons
        `: Select the next weapon
        ENTER: Select target
        ]: Select the next target
        W: Issue the order to wingman
        ALT +0: Move closer to me
        ALT +1: Used dodge maneuver
        ALT +2: Attack the enemy
        ALT +3: Attack target located
        ALT +4: Right spread and attack the enemy
        ALT +5: Left spread out and attack the enemy
        ALT +6: Protect my goal
        ALT +7: Cover my aircraft
        ALT +8: Cover me
        ALT +9: return to the base
        PAUSE: Pause
        K: Score
        O: Tasks and Objectives
        P: Enter the name of the player
        ESC: Exit the game
        This code can only be applied to Mig-29 series. Press T and then type into the following codes:
        you got what i need
        food goes here
        big gulp
        your here forever
        damn that corner
        spin dive
        upside down
        paper airplane
        water boy

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